Friday, April 16, 2010

Long over due...

I know some of you have been waiting for a post from me about the Rug Camp last weekend with Norma Batstini.  I'm finally sitting down to do it. I have had one heck of a week and I had no energy nor desire to sit and do it.
For all who are just reading for the first time, Linda at Grantstreet Woolworks had a workshop last week with Norma Batastini as the teacher. There were 16 students! It was wonderful.  Linda went out of her way to make everyone feel at home (literally... she had 7 people staying at her house, 6 students plus the teacher). She planned the meals for lunches all 3 days. Lots of food to keep you satisfied and full of energy. Ok, some of us felt really fat by the 3rd day lol.  This was just a sampling....  food AND desserts... A never ending supply :). 

Here is a close up of a bears claw that was amdist the most delicious assortment of donuts brought on the last day.  Oh my, were they fantastic. Home made (and I'm sorry I forget by who or where.... That was a week ago. Now I know why it's so important to update shortly after taking pictures lol). Tracie brought them in for everyone. Or it was Tracie and Doris.  See, I forget. So I apologize in advance. Will be doing that a lot this post.

Norma started out by helping each person individually with color planning their rugs. Here is a sampling of her doing that. Here she is with :


Norma was helping Beth do some tweaking on a rug she brought with her to camp. She took a picture of the rug and showed her where the values were too close, and helped her in picking out some wool that would help.

Norma helping Brenda.
 Group standing around watching Norma give advice on color..
Norma gave a talk about some of her antique rugs that she has purchased over the years.  I couldn't be in the room for everything. I was busy getting food ready, cleaning up, etc. 

This is a rug that Norma's mom hooked. Great isn't it?

She also gave a talk on backgrounds.  That was really interesting for me.





Some shots of everyone working so hard on their rugs. 





Norma also gave a demonstration on some dyeing.



And talked about Mola's.  Here is a definition I found of them.
"Molas are hand made using a reverse appliqué technique. Several layers (usually two to seven) of different-coloured cloth (usually cotton) are sewn together; the design is then formed by cutting away parts of each layer. The edges of the layers are then turned under and sewn down. Often, the stitches are nearly invisible. This is achieved by using a thread the same color as the layer being sewn, sewing blind stitches, and sewing tiny stitches. The finest molas have extremely fine stitching, made using tiny needles."

A hooked version..

And one that Norma is hooking now

And here are shots of everyone's rug in the class with the exception of Beth Donmoyer. I felt so horrible. End of the workshop and one photo to go and the battery on my camera died!!  So sorry Beth. But will promise to share a picture of it with you the next time she comes to Grantstreet to work on it!














This is a rug that Connie is working on for a present for her daughter. The rug she brought with her for camp is up above. She got help with the color planning, but wanted to finish this one first. Hope she shares a picture of  her camp rug with Linda when it's finished so we can see it!



Talk about an enjoyable 3 days!!!  I don't think anyone walked away from this workshop with any disappointments.  And I'm sure we are all saying we are on a diet this week LOL.  

Thank you Linda for having Norma. You did an awesome job!!!  Can't wait for the next teacher~~~

I will try and post this weekend a few pic's of the hook in from  last night. It is already 3:30 in the afternoon, and I got up very, very late today. Need to do something around here to make myself feel like the day wasn't wasted.
This weekend is another retreat (already!) for the online group. This month's theme is Little Quilts.  I'm not a quilter, but have been itching to try it for soooooo long.  I was hoping to participate, but like I said, it has been a very hectic week for me. So I will have to see how things work out this weekend.
My mil is having some difficulties, and has taken up a lot of my time. Emotionally, I am very worn out. Tomorrow George will be going over to sit with her and discuss some things. She is needing more help than I can give her right now.  Please keep her in your prayers. I know God will provide whatever is needed for her. It is just going to take some working together to get it. Taking care of an elderly person is just too much for one person to handle. I just wish I could do it all, but I know I can't. For my own health's sake, I need to find a balance in it all. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ~~~~


weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
What a nice post!

You certainly captured the wonderful spirit of the group. I had a lot of fun and talking with others, know they did too. It was a completely positive experience, thanks to the hard work that you and Linda put into it.

Hope you can work out an acceptable solution for your MIL's caretaking. I know how stressful it's been for you!

So try to relax and enjoy your retreat weekend. Making little quilts should be fun!!!

primitivebettys said...

That looks like a very interesting & informative class ~ lots of wonderful rugs... and the food looks awesome too!

Joanne said...

Whew so glad you posted finally - you know how hard it is for people my age to wait!

Being that I got "kicked out" so glad I got to see the pics. The class looks like it was a wonderful success with yours and Linda's hard work.

Doris said...

A great posting Kathy. I loved seeing all of the projects. When you are involved you don't get to see tham all. A great time, looking forward to the next workshop. You and Linda did a great job and I'm sure you are exhausted. take care of yourself - don;'t try to do it all.

moosecraft said...

Loving evertyhing about this post! Thanks so much for sharin ghte pics... LOVE bear claws! LOL! Adrienne's basket is a gimmee, gimmee! ;-) And the rugs... WOW all of them are gorgeous! LOVE the antique colors in Adrienne's... the sky in Doris'... the colors in Linda's... LOVE EVERYTHING about Beth's! Such detail! ... and I've been admiring Pat's watermelon rug since she's been posting progress on her blog! :-) Simply awesome talents! Prayers for you, George and your MIL... it ain't easy... hugs!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Wonderful post with so much to see. Beautiful rugs with lots of details and the food looked so good.

Thanks for sharing.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Such beautiful rugs and the work is fantastic! I loved the rug with the watermelon...looks so real:) The food looked just wonderful too!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Thank you so much for sharing all the wonderful pictures. It looks like the workshop was a huge success.
I hope all goes well with your M-I-L. I know firsthand how difficult it can be, but I can also imagaine how hard it is for a person to admit they can no longer handle things. You can only do so much. Though I love my mom dearly, I cannot be her caregiver. It is just something that I cannot handle. Hard to explain, but you probably understand what I am trying to say.
I'll keep all of you in my prayers.
Pug hugs :)