Wednesday, April 21, 2010


That's just what I'm feeling right now. Need to do this, and need to do that. But the fact is, I don't want to do any of it.  I was just in the mood to type tonight and not show any pictures, but then forced myself to get up and get the camera to get the pictures.

I've been fighting fatigue and other symptoms for a while now. Finally went and had my thyroid checked and it's off. Was thrilled actually to find out it was, and that my symptoms weren't anything else to be concerned about. Now I just need to ride it out and wait for the new dosage to kick in.  It's just so hard.  And this weather isn't helping either. So dreary, and I hear there is rain in the forecast that will go into next week! Ugh! Double Ugh!  I was so tired today at work. I kept myself moving just about the entire day. I pooped out towards the end. I just had nothing left in me.  Stopped at the grocery store on my way home and did my mil's shopping since I had her list with me, and now that is done. Will visit with her tomorrow for a bit before heading out to Grantstreet.

So anyway, when I got the pictures off the camera, I realized last week before I headed to Grantstreet for their hook in, I stopped to take 2 pictures of the trees in my yard. I look forward to them blooming every Spring. I just love them, and it was such a nice sunny day that day. 

There was a good turnout at the hook in last week. Lots to look at. Joanne made that looong drive again. She must really like our company :).  We like hers too!!   She was sooo busy whipping that day. You can see all the balls of wool there just waiting for her!

And here are just a couple of the redware egg rugs she did. I love them!

Pat was working on her watermelon rug. I just love the color brown for the background. Really makes her colors pop out!

Joan came and shared with us her rug that she finished hooking. Just needs to finish it off. It is so soft in color, and it amazes us how the tumbling blocks just look like they are floating in the picture.  Joan was also working on transferring a fish pattern on to her foundation. She found a fish she liked and was tracing it.

Ann came and showed us her finished piece of a flower in a pot. She was working on transferring another pattern to do as a gift for her mom.  I didn't get a shot of that, but I hope she comes back and shares it with us again. The center of this rug was such a lovely color of butter yellow. Wish the camera would have captured it.


Tanya is just about finished with the center of her pomegranate rug. Love it!!

Jill is really moving along with her camp rug!!

Nancee is working on a new rug, her eagle rug. Looking great!!

Patty is also making a dent in her camp rug. Love her colors!

Genny is already finished with her daughters rug. I'm sure it is whipped by now too! Great job..

Of course Joanne took a little time out to play lol.  Camera's are always clicking when we are there. I got her!

Monday night, Linda and I took a ride out to East Berlin to another hook in. This time it was at Janice's house. You can see from some of the pictures, what a lovely house she has!!  Janice is in the blue....

And here is her husband Joe. He pops in every now and then lol. 

Here is Kim, and then a close up of her rug she is doing. Very nice work with the fine cut!


Here is her mother in law Katie. She is another fine hooker, and is making great progress on her rug as well.

Katie and Willa. Willa was making pennies for future projects.

Another group shot.  Beth, Louise, Becky and Brenda behind in the chair.

Becky was hooking her own pattern of  "Becky Mummerts Pottery".  Great redware color, and love that goat!  Becky makes redware pottery.

It was a great night. Linda and I had a nice time.  Now it's time to get ready to go to Grantstreet again tomorrow. Amazing at how the weeks are just flying by.  One more thing about this past weekend.  Our online group had their retreat again. This month it was "Little Quilts".  Well, I have always wanted to quilt. Something small, and by hand. I didn't want to use a machine.   This is what I came up with, and I'm just tickled pink! Nothing fancy at all.  I am hoping to finish binding it this week.  This time I used some fabrics that I won in Kelley's give away, a while back.  Glad to finally put some to use! I look forward to making another one, but with smaller blocks. These were 3"


I'm sure I'll have more to share with you over the weekend.  Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week!


Anonymous said...

Hope you get your energy back soon!! You won't see me tomorrow..maybe next week!! I'll miss you guys :-( *tears*

corinna said...

may the new dose be effective soon
take it easy til then

what a fun and talented bunch of ladies

beautiful colors and designs

Orange Sink said...

Boy do I understand your thyroid problem. What you describe is exactly how I've been feeling these last few weeks. I have noticed an improvement the last couple of days now after the dosage was changed on my med. Took about 4 weeks though as the Dr. said. Hang in there it should get better. All the rug hooking events you've attended are just awesome! I don't know how you do it! So many lovely rugs! Thanks for your effort to post the pics.......I really appreciate them and how hard it must have been to find the energy! Take care of yourself Kathy and take a nap once in awhile. It does help! Cathy G

WoolenSails said...

What a great time you had at the hook in and beautiful rugs. I would love to make a big geometric or fine cut for my living room, maybe someday.


moosecraft said...

Beautiful flowering trees, sunshine and rugs! Feel better!

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
When I first looked at your post I thought "Whaaaaat????
The incongruity of the title and the beautiful pink tree!!!

The 'blahs' must be going around! I've been in a funk for weeks- tired, dragging through the day, and wanting to do nothing but sleep. NOT FUN!
Hope the medication helps! It's Spring! We should have energy!!!!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Hoping your already starting to feel better! Your trees are tremendous...just love the brilliant colors.
Thanks for sharing all those wonderful rugs.

Joanne said...

Well first I know never to wear that shirt in public again ! Hope you are feeling better really quick - we can't have our Kathy "blah"! Love Becky's rug - so cool - great colors