Saturday, March 27, 2010

A day to just "do"

Yep, a day to just "do" is what my goal is today.  I started off by sleeping in. Catching up on the sleep I've been missing. Really don't like to do that, because the day feels like it is half gone now. And really it is. It's close to 5 in the afternoon. Time is flying today.  I started off by sewing up a curtain for my back door. Unfortunately, it's too light in color. It will do for now. At least the sun won't be shining in on my eyes when I walk into the laundry room.  From there I moved on to finishing up a challenge piece which I will share when the deadline passes in a week or so.  And now I'm just getting to updating the blog from last week.  Hard to believe that one week ago was the hook-in out in Lancaster, whew!

Last Monday, I drove out to East Berlin to meet up with the girls and hook a little.  It was raining when I left, and the closer I got there, the harder it came down. And at one point I ran into some hail.  Plus the mountain was a thick fog.  Just had to take my time. 

Janice and Becky were finishing up their rugs with the whipping.

Here's a close up of Janice's...

Willa was making some pennies for some projects she will be making for Colonial Day in September.

Louise is hooking in the background and Tanya is making some really great headway on her Pomegranate rug. I'm sure since last week, she's gotten even more done~

It was a really nice night to be there. I did hook a bit on my rug, but never took a picture of it. You will see it later in this post.  My drive home was ok. No hail, but it was rainy and foggy again.  I know I always have to watch out for the deer, which I did see quite a few that night.  But what really made me laugh was when I had to dodge the frogs!  Yep, frogs/toads whatever they are, were hopping all over the place. Too funny!

Thursday was the hook-in at Grant Street.  I took care of what needed to be done in the morning, and then headed on over. When I pulled into the driveway, I thought "no way".  But sure enough, Joanne decided to surprise us again!  I headed upstairs and it was just her sitting there. No Linda, nobody.  Joanne was watching the shop while Linda ran home for her hooking that she forgot.  What a wonderful surprise to have Joanne come!  Joanne gifted me with a bag of goodies. She met up with the Easter Bunny that day!  Such sweet gifts. A beeswax bunny, and a beeswax sheep, along with a bunny on an egg made out of wool, and an old fashioned egg that held the beeswax bunny inside.  I just love it all Joanne, and will be placing them around the house in a bit.

She also brought something for Linda. It was a sheep dish, and a few other things. And she also  brought candy for the other girls that came. She's so generous.  Thank you Joanne.  Hmm, wonder if the Easter Bunny had anything left to give out next week?  lol

Jill and Beth came later on and were working on their rugs. Jill's picture didn't come out, I was bummed. Her rug is looking awesome.  Beth is working on her bunny rug and it is really looking sweet!

Beth also received a gift from her Secret Pal. She got some lovely Easter gifts.

It sure was a day of hooking for everyone.  Joanne was looking so intent while she was working. It was actually "quiet" at a few points during the day because everyone was into what they were doing! Imagine that! Quiet??? lol

Nancy came later on and she finished off her rug.  I can tell she really enjoyed hooking this one. It was done in no time at all. That is such an awesome feeling when you are hooking something you enjoy and it all comes together so nicely.  Just love the color plan she used. So earthy..   

 Sherry came later in the evening and was working on a horse rug with a hit or miss around it. I think she is going to have fun with this.                                                                                                                     

 Joanne had a long ride home, and it was in the rain. I know that was hard for her. Nothing more frustrating than being on a highway and having a bunch of trucks while it is raining.  Glad she made it home safely!

On Friday, I had my dye group over at Joan's house.  Always a fun time :).  Joan is working on a pretty big rug right now.  The colors are so soft.  When I took the picture, it was neat to see how the tumbling blocks came to life.  She has it on her floor frame.

We talked about our next project. It will be a scroll.  I have always wanted to do one, but am not really        
 looking forward to the smaller cut.  It will be a good lesson no doubt.                                                                                                              
Before we talked about that though, there was a little surgery about to take place.  Nancy needed some help from Louise.  She asked for some alcohol and Joan provided it.                                                                  

Ok, just kidding. Joan is such a jokester. lol

Not enough light on the subject??

I hope Nancy's hand is feeling better :).

We also did a new technique in dyeing. At least is was for me. Called Point dyeing.  Looks like a spot dye in a way.  We used Pro Chem and Magic Carpet dyes.  Scrunched a half yard of wet wool into a pan and      
used a wet end of a  chop stick to dip into the dry dye.  We just placed it where we wanted the dye to go. I wish I would have gotten a finishing shot of the pieces of material. But forgot, grrr.                                      
                         Here is Nancy showing us and then Louise had her turn.                                                                                   

Ritchie looked like he wanted to have a turn too.  He is such a sweet dog. Joan sure does know how to raise them!                                                                                                                                                          

Now that I'm done with the blog, I need to get back to "just doing". Oh yeah, I forgot to show you my rug~~ (big smack on the forehead)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
And a big thanks to Joanne too for suggesting the way to hook the roof. I went up and down instead of just making long rows left to right. Really gave it a cool effect. That's what I love about a room full of hookers. Always willing to share their tips to help each other out. Isn't that what it's all about?
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend~~!!


Gayle said...

Great post Kathy - thanks for sharing all the pictures! You've had a lot of wooly adventures lately - lucky you! Question: I'm curious about the little basket full of snippets that is attached to JoAnnes frame - can you tell me how she did that? Seems like it would be so handy to have it right at your fingertips like that!

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Love all the pictures of the beautiful rugs!!!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Gayle that basket was woven by the name of Diane Pearce. Hope I got her name right. She was selling them at the hook in last week. there is a magnet attached to the bottom of the basket. You place the basket on top of your hooking and then place the other magnet from underneath. Really cute, isn't it?

corinna said...

just looked at all the fun you had on joannes blog yesterday
what fun and talent
i am always smiling when i loo at your hook in posts

moosecraft said...

Toads in the road!!!! That is THE number one sign that Spring is really here!!!! LOL! Really! ;-) Great rugs at the hook-in! Love the horse rug and also looking forward to seeing the horse with the hit n miss background when it's finished. Your house rug is looking splendid! Great wool choices and great advice from Joanne too! :-)

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
Love your house rug!!!
You've sure been busy with the hooker get-togethers. What fun!
Hope to see you soon.

Joanne said...

Wish I could come to ALL THE HOOK-IN'S! I just can't believe how hard everyone worked this time between the laughs! Yep that Easter Bunny was hitchhiking on the turnpike and I made him hand over his sack - but no worry kids, left him plenty for next week!

Mary said...

Loved seeing all the pictures and reading about all of your fun adventures! Thanks so much for sharing all of the pictures for the rest of us! Love how your rug is turning out. And I'm glad you tried to dodge all of those little peepers! I just love listening to their song!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
What a delightful post! All the rugs are wonderful and yours is coming along so nicely.
Great gifts from Joanne!
Keep on sharin'!
Pug hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

Love seeing the pictures of all the girls hooking away.
Wish we had groups like that, will have to start one, someday.