Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a blurr......

This past week was a blurr, that's for sure. It went so fast, but yet was packed with things to do. Seems like I'm down to once a week updating my blog. It just takes so much time with adding pictures, that I keep putting it off. Might have to cut this post into two since there are so many pictures. We'll see, as I get going with this.

Last Monday night, I took Linda with me to drive out to East Berlin to meet up with the Black Sheep Rughookers. I haven't gone as often as I have in the past. It's a long ride, just about an hour. They meet once a week. Take turns at each others house. This time it was at Louise's. The girls have come out to Linda's a couple times now. So it was time for me to go out there! What a wonderful turnout it was... (one piece I didn't mention..... Got half way there, and realized I brought everything BUT my pattern, ugh) So I just took pictures :).

Here is Louise. She was working on a penny rug project. The other two pieces are hers also.

This one I was looking at from across the room. I don't remember what year she did it. I thought it was a crewel piece from far away. I had to get up on it close to see that it was hooked! Just beautiful!
I am really happy for Louise to finish this rug. It's hard to see in the picture, but the background was dyed with onion skins.
And this was another one of her earlier pieces. I just had to take a shot to share.
Linda got right to work in a comfy chair.. And the young girl behind her is Stephanie. I hope I didn't get her name wrong. She came with Brenda, and is just learning to hook.
Becky's rug is turning out great. It's almost finished! She did all but one little spot that night.
And here are a couple close ups. Love the goat!

Kim was whipping this rug she finished. Sweet!
Janice is hooking a cute chick rug for her Grand daughter Emma.. Love the pastels.

This is Tonya's rug she is just starting. It's by Need'l Love. It's going to be a beauty. She chose some really gorgeous colors!
I told you it was a full house. Beth chose a comfy spot on the floor to add some finishing touches on a piece.
Katie is working on this incredible fine cut. What a piece of art!
And here is a piece from a woman, whose name is escaping me. I'm so bad with names. You'll have to forgive me. It's going to be a nice big rug when she is done. It was a really fun night. I'm glad we went. Hope to make it up again in another week or so.

Ok, so that was Monday night. Tuesday night, Linda and Barb and I went to Jill's house to her hook in. She is having one on the second Tuesday of every month at her house. She has posted something about it on her blog, so check it out. If you are in the area, and are interested in learning to hook, she will be happy to show you!! The 3 of us went out for a bite to eat for dinner after work before we headed over.

Here is Jill showing her friend Tonya how to pull the loops. I think Tonya was enjoying it. She was doing really well.
Mary was another new hooker. I know she'll be back. Barb is a quilter and I decided to get her to try hooking. I think my pencil hook was a bit too small for her to pull the wider strips. It's my preference of a hook, most people use a fat shank. BUT, she was trying.... she says she'll stick with quilting lol.Then she gave up to have some fun with Jill's puppy Darby lol.
There were a few more visitors while we were there. One was Izzy? I think that was her name. What a BIG cat! She jumped up in my lap (not declawed lol) and was putting her face in my neck and purring. Cracked me up! (and did I tell ya i'm allergic to cats?) But it was ok. I turned my head and didn't get her fur in my face. She is pretty, isn't she?

And then there was Matt. He came down to check out all the hookers. He was upstairs with Danny, Jill's husband. But I guess the curiosity got the best of him. I was up taking pictures and turned real quick with the camera. Did NOT expect him to be so quick to pose LOL. His wife Courtney (and please forgive me if I spell everyone's name wrong) was downstairs with us. She said she is going to have Jill show her how to hook also. I think it's great! They all go camping with each other, and Jill takes her work along. So now her and Courtney can do it together.
Jill, you can let Matt know he made it on to the "Blog". LOL
Ok, I'm going to just keep going here. Only a few more pictures left. Now we are on to Thursday's hook in at Linda's shop. Told you it was a busy week!!

When I got there, Pat, Marian and Doris were there. I got right to work with hooking, so I never got pictures of them. I was able to finish another circle and then the inside of the rectangle. Just using up my strips, nothing fancy.. Jill came in the afternoon and was working on whipping her sheep pattern with wool strips.

Here is the other project she is working on. She is going to town on this one!! Just started it a week or so ago. Just lovely!

Nancy came and was working on her horse pattern. I love this one and might have to do it in the future... Sherry came later in the evening and is working on a cat rug.
Linda was busy working on her piece..... And one thing is for sure. If you come to Grant Street Woolworks, you can always count on feeling at home. (notice her slippers lol).... It really is a comfortable place to hook and have a good time :).

Friday evening I went to a Midnight Madness Bingo with Linda and Sherry. Oh my, what fun. I won back what I put out for cards, plus $2.00 lol. I didn't get home till around 1:30 I think. Sooo, I didn't get out of bed until Noon!! Felt absolutely wonderful. I could hear the rain on the roof, and it was a little windy, not bad. Sounded so pleasant. Of course the day felt like it was wasted, but I don't care.

I decided to gather up some things for a piece I will be working on tomorrow. Yet, another challenge. After that, I think I'm all caught up on them! Have been thinking about the next rug I will do. Debating between a couple. I know I picked one a while back, but I'm not sure yet. Will hope to make a decision soon!

Wishing everyone a great Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!!


corinna said...

great designs and colors
what a very talented group

Joanne said...

The week sound wonderful - all that hooking going on - has to be inspiring!

Okay Miss Kathy - I mentioned this before to you (LOL) but will spell it out again here! Go to your blog settings - page down to global setting and pick 'updated editor" - sooooooooooo much easier to update the blog - you just load all your pictures at once - as many as you want - then you do your thing on the blog and then just click on the pictures as you go to add them - no more loading them in a certain order, etc. Now it hardly takes any time at all so there is no excuse for not updating more often! hehehe

WoolenSails said...

A busy but fun week. There sure are a lot of beautiful rugs being made.


moosecraft said...

What an awesome week! Every last one of those rugs are absolutely jaw dropping!! Thanks for starting my day with some wonderful inspirations!

Lori said...

Wow, wow, wow Kathy! Loved seeing all the pics and wonderful rugs in so many different styles. You are so lucky to get to go to those hook-ins!

weaverpat said...

LOL!!! Didn't I tell you once you hooked up with Linda your life would never be the same??? hahaha! Just one wild ride after another!
Hope you get to rest and relax over the weekend.
Get ready for the next exciting week!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
You are one busy hooker. I love all the rugs. Anymore, I consider an 8 cut fine. I CANNOT imagine hooking a rug like Katie is doing. It is breathtaking.
I just started on the Magdalena horse rug that Jill is hooking, but I haven't even finished my first horse.
I'll have to try Joanne's method of blogging. It sounds SO MUCH EASIER than what I am doing.
Thanks for sharing.
Pug hugs :)