Sunday, March 7, 2010

Folk Art Fun

It was a long day yesterday, but oh what fun I had with my friend Beth. It was just the two of us since Linda went with her husband on Friday night, and Joanne was still feeling under the weather. I thought for sure I was going to be late meeting Beth. I had the alarm set with plenty of time to eat, shower and piddle around. Well, not so. The alarm went off all right, but no noise. I had heard that they were doing antenna work for the radio station, but I swear I heard them say it was going to be up by 11:00 pm. Should have turned it on to see before I went to bed. Well, my eyes opened right before 7:00. I had the alarm set for right before 6:00! I thought hmm, it's Saturday, what do I have planned. OMG, I jumped out of that bed so fast to head for the shower, scared my husband. Lots of scurrying around, but I got out the door and managed to get there before Beth! It's over an hour away. The show was much smaller this year, that they put the antiques in the same room with the folk art show. It was interesting. And for being so much smaller, at least half the vendors as usual, we ended up staying longer. Guess we took more time looking at every individuall thing. As for buying? Well, lets just say I helped the economy :).

Here is what I bought from the Cheswick company. I love their items. Cathy is so talented. I bought this kit to make some fruit. It comes with natural wool and I will dye it. The scissors were something that I've had my eye on for a long time. I've seen them before, but never bothered to just buy them. I did this time! I love them. My friend Becky Mummert does pottery, and I always try to buy something from her. Here is the piece I bought this year. It's the redware bowl with handle. The other piece was another vendor. I just liked the willow tree cut out. The runner underneath these items is what I bought for my kitchen counter. Yes Joan, I wanted color! Even Beth was surprised lol.

I also bought some decorative grass for adding some touches in baskets and things.

And then I finally used my mil's Christmas money that she gave me on this last piece. This woman does very nice work. I wish I could remember her name. I think it's so sweet.

Other than that, I did get some mixes to make some dips for pretzels. Afterwards, Beth and I went out to lunch and then went to the Black Rose Antique place and wondered around there for a while. Nothing knocked my socks off that I had to bring it home. Next time I'm sure :). It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to the Fall show. It's always much bigger! Thanks Beth, for a great day :).

On Thursday at the hook-in at Grant street, Linda had quite a few people stopping in. She said in the morning, there was a little mad rush of people just stopping in to buy some supplies.

When I got there, Marian was working on her bunnies that she was hooking. One was already finished, and the other she is almost done. They were a kit of 3. White chocolate, Milk chocolate which is in the picture, and then the dark chocolate that is the biggest bunny of them all. Aren't they the cutest?? Great job Marian!

The girls from East Berlin came and here is what Brenda brought to share with us. She said this one is to be finished and mailed out soon. Glad we got to see it at this point. I'm sure it will be well loved.

Tonya was busy working on transferring a pattern here.
And this is one she finished. I love her hit or miss'es!

Willa and Janice were busy hooking away, and Brenda is in the background. It was Janice's first time here. I think she liked it :)

I managed to get some hooking done. Just need to decide on a background color now. Still using up my worms. The basket of worms in the forefront of the picture above is my basket (one of my baskets). It's not going down very quickly!
The week ahead will be a busy one. Working, then there is a hook-in tomorrow evening in East Berlin. I'll be taking Linda with me. And then on Tuesday evening, there is a hook-in at Jill's house in Maryland. Thursday is Linda's hook-in and then Friday, if it all works out, Linda and I are doing Midnight madness Bingo LOL. I hope you all have a wonderful busy week ahead!


weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
All that activity took my breath away just reading it! LOL!!!
It's a shame the Folk Art Show keeps getting smaller. I guess as long as the vendors are still good, that's what counts.
Have fun with your up-coming busy week!

moosecraft said...

Great finds at the York show! Love that bunny! And, as always, wonderful rugs from Grant Street!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Looks like you had a great time with your friend ~ and found a few treasures. Life if good ;-)
As always, thank you for sharing pictures of Grant Street.
Pug hugs :)

Joanne said...

There you go - rubbing in things I missed again! LOL JUST KIDDIN - So glad you had a good time - looks like I missed some womderful treasures! Hope I can get to Grant St soon!

Anonymous said...

my goodness Kathy you have so much energy and get so much done. I so enjoy reading your blog. I love that bunny and couldn't help but admire that gorgeous rug you have hanging up!! Just beautiful ☺

WoolenSails said...

Looks like fun, vendors and hooking.
Love the red ware piece.