Sunday, December 6, 2009

tick, tick, BOOM

That's what it feels like lately. Just trying to get all I need to get done. But something always comes up and gets in the way, doesn't it? Or do all of you have that perfect life? You are all done with your shopping, wrapping and baking already? And you are just sitting around the fire each night with your family singing Christmas carols, just waiting for the day to get here. Hmmm, I think I'm watching too many Life Time movies. But wait, how can that be? I haven't had TIME to sit and watch the movies. There is just one movie I want to see this year, and I have it on dvd. White Christmas. And have I watched it yet? Hmmmm, um, no.
Have had some major computer problems lately. The main computer (which I'm typing on now) was down for over a week. It just wouldn't turn on! Son was in the process of moving again, so we had to wait until he had time. He came and got it, and luckily it was an easy fix. But we didn't get this one back until today. and just the other day, my lap top (yes my Birthday present) died on me. Hard drive went. Panicked for a minute or two and then said "what are you going to do". No use crying or getting mad about it. It's done! That's not how my daughter felt though. Oh NOOOO. She has a paper to write. How will she do that? Hmm, library, stay after school? Perhaps hand write it?? LOL, that was unheard of.
So anyway, yesterday we went to a tree farm and cut down our own tree. It was a good time. It's beautiful and it makes the house smell so nice. I have the lights on so far, but that's it. Son took his ornaments this year. That was a sad ordeal for me. ALL his ornaments since he was born :(. Going to be a bare tree this year. Will just have to continue to make ones to fill her back up. Little by Little. On top of this, I am trying to decorate the house. Still messy, but getting there. And on top of that, trying to get some shopping done for gifts.
Today was going to be a finsh up kind of day. But Uh Uh, no, that would mean it was all going smoothly. My daughter took my car to go over a friends house for a couple hours, and I get a phone call from my husband. He had taken his truck up to the mountain to check on his radio stuff. Well, he was on his way back down and his truck died. Soo, I had to take his other car and go get him, bring him back so he could get some tools and then he took his car back to the truck. Next thing I see is the truck coming in the driveway. GREAT!! He fixed it. Well, enough to get it home. Now I had to wait for Nicole to come home so I could take George back to get his car. You know, I USED to like to drive. Not so much anymore lol.
One really nice thing happened last week. I got a surprise in the mail from a Secret Elf. Someone from our group sent me a wonderful package. Had an incling of who it was, and she just came forward a couple days ago. Ended up being two of the girls! What a surprise. So thank you PattiJane and Ginger! Some wonderful candles, a wool pincushion, stocking with candy, notepads, and a set of magnets for my hooking with two seasons. So sweet~!

I also had a wonderful time last Thursday at hooking. Took some pictures, but I think I did too much laughing and some didn't come out. You'll just have to take my word for it that it was fun. Always is!!

And last but not least...... My daughter as an angry reindeer. Look Joanne, someone else who puts things on their head LOL!!!!!! And by the way, they did have reindeer at this tree farm. It was such a wonderful place. And it was snowing when we got there, which made all the trees look so pretty. We took a tractor ride out to the field, cut down our own tree, tagged it, put it on a cart and took it back to where we were dropped off. The guys took it from there. We just got back on the tractor and paid for it when we got back. They even had hot coffee and hot cocoa for us. We declined though since we were on a time crunch.
I hope all of you aren't having too much run relaxing before the holiday. Would love to share some of my chores with you if you are bored. Just let me know!! (lol)
Have a Blessed week everyone!


Joanne said...

Oh yes Kathy - I'm just sitting back and the maid does the work - the butler peels the grapes and brings me bonbons. My SIL was doing a jewelry show on Friday and she had these little silk jewelry holders and couldn't understand why no one was buying them - So I put one on my head and said because you need to sell them as hats! She said "you always put things on your head" - hahahaha

The Evening Stitcher said...

Your day sounds like mine, Kathy! Nothing ever seems to go as planned especially when I get up it the morning and think it would be a nice day to hook or stitch..I should NEVER do never goes that easily! Have a great week...maybe things will get better for you!


moosecraft said...

The angry reindeer is making me laugh! :-) It's nice to see folks joking around and having fun! You're way ahead of me with the Christmas stuff, Kathy! We don't have our tree yet and I have maybe 2 snowmen out so far? And, that's because they are new this year... the regular stuff is still in boxes. So, Give yourself a pat on the back that are are doing so well! Soon, the big day will be here, and we can pack it all back up again! LOL! ;-)

weaverpat said...

It all starts when you trade a life of going to hook-ins for WORK! I did warn you, didn't I??? Or was I so anxious to trade a life of WORK for the hooking that I forgot to mention this little drawback???

Sit down, take a deep breath. Have a claming cup of tea. It will all be over in a few weeks. Then what doesn't get done will not matter anyhow!

Jake said...

I'll write soon. I just can't right now.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I love your christmas layout! I can't wait to see you again...