Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hump Day

Well, I had an aaaaah moment. And I'm at peace now with the holiday coming up. Why I let myself get so worked up is beyond me. But hey, this is better than last year. Oooh, that was bad last year on Christmas Eve when I came home and I had no macaroni in the house to make it for Christmas day. LOL, I'm still laughing at that one. Oh, but it wasn't funny at the time!! So I'm ahead of the game with not getting all worked up. Perhaps next year I'll be stress free?? Ok, you can all stop laughing now.....

It's Wednesday and my work week is over. Nice to call Wednesday my Friday! I was even wondering if I would go in at all today. We had snow last night. Nicole and I both thought there would be a 2 hour delay this morning for school. Nope. Just slushy out there. The temperature wasn't cold enough to freeze anything over. That was good! Tomorrow is the hook in at Grantstreet. I'm looking forward to it. I had no time to work on a gift this week, so tomorrow I plan on finishing it. It's almost done. I have a box that needs to go out. We are having a secret santa exchange on AAPG. What I'm working on is the last to go in the box. That will be another thing checked off my list!

Today when I came home from work, there was a small package in my mail box. What a sweet package. I had to giggle because the box that it was wrapped in was a box that you receive when you order checks. I'm thinking, I didn't order any checks LOL. This sweet package came from Corinna who won my first blog give away! She stitched up a cover for a box of chocolates that has my initials on it. Now in her card, she said that she forgot stitches and miscounted, but no one would ever know but her. I Love it Corinna! Thank you so much! The chocolate is going to be gone before Christmas, but the box will go under my tree for everyone to see. (ok, maybe I'll save a piece for Christmas day, but no promises!! lol) And then after the Christmas is all over, I will find a nice place for it in my home. Thank you for such a sweet surprise! Now I know a lot of you are saying, "What? Kathy posted again?". Yep. But don't get too use to it lol. I'm hoping, just hoping to get some good pictures tomorrow at the hook in and then update the blog again before the weekend. We'll see! I hope we have a good turnout. If you haven't been there in a while, we'd love to see you again!!! Enjoy the rest of your week!!!


corinna said...

hi kathy
glad the pkg made it to you
have a great week-end :0)
stay warm and happy

Joanne said...

Wow Corinna's box is great! What a great idea. How nice.

Okay - please tell me the importance of having macaroni on Christmas? Is that a "Jersey" thing or a "Ship" thing?

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
I'm glad you had your aaaahhhhhh moment. I'm still waiting for!
Corinna's box is darling and something you can treasure forever.
Pug hugs :)

Kathy (woolfind) said...

LOL Joanne, not a Joisey or Pa thing. Just a "me" thing. I have a very informal Christmas dinner. Would rather spend the day with family than be in the kitchen cooking. We just have a bunch of stuff, and macaroni salad is a side dish lol. Last year on Christmas Eve, I flew off the handle (that's putting it mildly lol)when I realized I didn't have a box of Macaroni in the house! Good old KMart was open and saved my Christmas!!

prashant said...

have a great week-end :0)
stay warm and happy

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