Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas~~~

Taking this time to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. Today was my husband George's birthday. I was able to give George his birthday breakfast before I had to go do his mom's grocery shopping, since tomorrow is the day I normally do it. Oh my goodness, the store was packed! I was happy when I got out of there. When I got back from her house I had lasagna to cook, and a cake to bake for George. We all went back to her house for dinner. It was George's pick and it ended up being Burger King. My son Craig and his girlfriend Lake went over there earlier today since they couldn't make it tonight. They stopped by our house too so Craig could see his Dad and give him his gift. We chatted for a while and that was nice. Weather permitting, they will be back tomorrow for a little while before going to Lake's family to spend time with them.

I couldn't believe how many pictures Nicole snapped with the camera over my mil's. Toooo many lol. So I just picked a few to share. Mom opening up her gifts. Me stuffing my face. She had truffles and I just had to have one. No taking little bites for me lol.

Stealing a Birthday kiss!
Lots of laughs
Can never leave that phone at home lol.

Nicole can always make her Grandmom laugh..

Happy Birthday George~~

When we came home from there, I still had the macaroni and the deviled eggs to make. I just had no time this afternoon to fit it all in. Then I saw that the banana's on the counter were really ripe. Soo, I made 8 small loaves of banana bread. Kitchen is cleaned up and coffee set for tomorrow morning!
I am getting ready to finish wrapping the last few gifts that I didn't get to the other night. Will put them under the tree, and then guess what???? I'm on Vacation! lol. I'm already announcing to my family that the next few days is ME time.. The food is cooked, they can help themselves. Although tomorrow I will get it out first for them, and then they are on their own! I plan on doing some major, major, MAJOR relaxing, watching tv, staring at the tv, just listening to the tv. Doesn't matter which. I will be sitting and not moving. If anyone has a question, they can come to me. I'm not moving! Aaahhh, I'm just envisioning it now. It's going to be awesome!

No matter how you spend your Christmas, I hope you will look to Heaven and thank God for sending His son Jesus to come live here on Earth, to die and then rise again to save us from our sins, so that we may have eternal life. All we need to do is acknowledge that. Without Jesus, there would be no Christmas........

What a Christmas gift that would be to God... to accept His son as your Savior~

Merry Christmas to you All~~ Have a Blessed day. Stay warm and safe travels to all who will venture out tomorrow.


Joanne said...

Merry Christmas to you and all your family Kathy - and a big Happy Birthday to George! Oh you made me giggle out loud - Well alrighty then - no moving then! Hope your family waits on you!

kelley said...

Merry Christmas you're not even going to hook or stitch??? Love the photos with grandma...Happy Birthday George!

weaverpat said...

Happy Birthday, George!
And Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

Kathy, working makes vacation all the nicer when it finally happens! LOL!!! Enjoy every minute!
Darn, I can't believe Linda gave you time off....

Lori said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Kathy and happy birthday to George.

moosecraft said...

Merry Christmas to everyone Kathy! And, Happy Birthday to George! Enjoy your relax time... life is good! :-)

Beth said...

Amen.... God is so good after all he sent his only son to come to this wretched earth to save us and he loves us ... amazing! looks like george had a great birthday and hopefully your watching tv with your feet propped up as Im typing this! See you in 2010!!