Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sit back and relax, it's a long one....

It's a snowy day here today. They are calling for 10-12 inches I believe. All I know is that I'm in for the weekend. Don't plan on going anywhere~ Figured it's time to sit and transfer all the pictures off my camera and onto the computer. It's been a hectic couple of weeks. The blog just wasn't on the top of my priorities. I'm sure it's that way for everyone due to Christmas.

This past Monday, I left work early and headed over to the Blue and Gray hook-in. They were having their Christmas party. I missed the Anniversary party they had last month, and actually I haven't been there since I started working. So I was anxious to go. Glad I did. It was a wonderful time. A great turnout too. When I walked into the room, I saw Mrs. Claus in the back of the room. I knew immediately that it was going to be a fun time. When she turned around, I saw that it was Joan. She is such a hoot! Knows how to make a person smile, that's for sure. So Joan, now it's my turn to make you smile. Ok, giggle, laugh out loud, whatever. Here you are!

Well, then we could see that Mrs. Claus was lacking in stuffing. Joan was trying her darndest to stick out her belly, but it just wasn't working... And sure enough, not enough in the rear either! Can ya believe I was mooned by Mrs. Claus lol?

Here are some random shots of what the room looked like and what people were working on.

Lina with her wonderful piece!

She also did this one too.

Ruth has been using her embriodery machine to make some beautiful things.

Barb's rug, such lovely detailing..
Joan's rug that she made into her Christmas card this year.

Another of Joan's.

Joanne's rug

Ivi's rug.

Becky's rug.
This was started a few years back. They play a game called The Right family I believe. We all stand in a circle and Ann reads the story of the Right family. Whoever wants to participate brings in a half yard of wool. We pass it around as Ann reads the story. It can get confusing at times. This time we all ended up with our own package, but Ann read a little further so we could pass them again. Lots of laughs.

I think Mrs. Claus was giving someone the evil eye for trying to hold on to a package too long lol.

Here Joan is looking at a pin that I got with my package. (you can see me putting my gorgeous blue wool back in my bag.) I was the lucky recipient of Mrs. Santa's wool. The pin was made by Joan (Mrs. Santa....too confusing when there are two Joan's to talk about lol) when she was in bed for a period of time after she broke her back in a car accident. She kept her hands busy!

I'd like to thank Pat for taking these pictures for me since I was participating. Thank you Pat, I really appreciate it!
Ok, that was this past Monday. On Thursday Linda had her Christmas party at Grantstreet Woolworks. There was hooking during the day if you wanted to come. Doris came and stayed for a little bit. She was purchasing some paisley material from Linda. Here they are looking at the piece.
I was busy cutting some material for an applique piece I was planning on working on later in the day. (didn't get too much of it done, but at least it's all cut out and ready to go.) I walked around and took a few shots of the shop. Linda had gotten a new piece of furniture in to display her wool. It's a beauty!! It was delivered in the beginning of the week, and we had a lot of rearranging to do to get it ready for Thursday.

Doris had brought Linda a cake. Chocolate Raspberry. Oh my, I had a piece later in the evening, and it was delicious. Linda just couldn't wait lol.
You can tell it's getting cold. Even Beau had on a coat. Looked like a little Sherlock Holmes lol.
And it's reversible!

Everyone started to roll on in around the time of the party to start. Genny came first. She did a little hooking before everyone else got there. I forgot to get my camera out then. She also won a prize for being the first there. It was a Longeberger basket filled with some items. The last person to arrive got a present too. A candy cane stick!

It seemed that everyone who walked in, had something in their hands for us to eat. What a variety! Everything was soooo delicious. You had no excuse if you went home hungry.

I just have to giggle at this shot. Looks like all Beth, Jill and Allysia are texting to each other lol. I teased them about it.
There was a few that brought some of their work to show us. Beth just finished up her snowman. Just needs to finish whipping it! Way to go Beth, it turned out awesome! Mabel did a wonderful job with her quilt for her husband for Christmas.

And Bert also finished a quilt! They are sisters, both talented.

Linda had games lined up for the evening. She played a few bingo games with prizes. Then there was another game where you picked a snowflake off the tree. It had a persons name on the back and you handed it to them. The last person left was the winner. That was Pat, and she won a gift certificate to Michael's. And each person who wanted to participate in another game, brought along 3 wrapped packages. We each got 3 numbers and Linda called out a number and we went and picked a present off the table. As the game went on, whoever's number was called they could pick a present off the table and then go over to someone else and take their package in exchange. It was fun! We all went home with 3 gifts.

Ok, now the last game of the evening, oh my. Let's just say I made sure I used the rest room before we played. I knew what was coming. Others didn't lol. Linda started by moving tables out of the way. There were two teams to be picked. Each team had a captain and they picked who would be on their team. I won't dwell on the fact that I was the last to be picked. (terrible flashbacks of being in grade school, but really, that's ok. I'll just need a little therapy for a while) lol.. Just teasing. After the teams were picked, the captain had to pick a person who would be the goalie at the end of the room. That would be their position for the rest of the game. Now, I'm not going to go into much detail. Will leave room for your imagination. But let me tell you, most of my pictures did NOT come out because I was laughing too hard. These were the only two safe shots to show. Jill, you will be happy that the packages on the table saved you on this one. Sherry's Aunt is on her way back to her other team mates. It was definitely a race to the finish.

Here is the winning team holding our plunger and toilet paper. Linda had the winners sign the toilet paper for the Hall of Fame. Until next year......... Shall we go undefeated lol????

Well, it's still snowing. Very fine snow too. Means accumulation. Daughter is out in it now with some friends. She just loves the snow. Does not take after me! She could stay out in it all day long. I'll see her when she finally can't feel her fingers or toes. I thought at 16, that would die down a little. But she got up all big eyed just waiting to go out.

I also wanted to share with you a package I received the other day. We are doing a secret Santa on AAPG. I came home Thursday night from the party and saw it on my table. I was so tired, I thought good. I will wait until Christmas to open it. Well Friday came, and the day didn't start off to well for me. I went to move the box to under the tree, and thought no. I need a pick me up. I am soooo glad I opened it. Mary had my name. Oh my what a package. There is a stocking that had some gifts wrapped in it. Two ornaments, a hat and a bird. Then there was a pad, a wonderfully scented handmade bar of soap, a scented wax sheep, a beautiful piece of plaid wool, AND a mat that was hooked by Mary, and it was labeled on the back that was personalized just for me. It is so lovely. I love the simplicity of it. The background is just gorgeous and I love the beading technique of the red and white that she used for the inside border. Thank you so much Mary for picking my day up! I love everything!
I'm just about done with my Christmas shopping, how about you? I will get to the wrapping this weekend. I'm so happy that I'm just going with the flow this year. I have fretted every year of getting things done ahead of time. Well, it's just not working that way, and it's ok! Even though Christmas will come and go on Friday, I will take my time to enjoy my decorations for a little while longer. My main goal is to relax, and that is just what I'm going to do....... Oh and Marian? I got my noodles! (it's going to be a good Christmas lol)

Wishing everyone a good week. Hope you are all done with your shopping and wrapping. And for the little ones in the families, I hope their enthusiasm for the upcoming week brings you many great memories. Stay warm and be safe......


Joanne said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful week - I wish someone would have video'd the party at linda's and the TP game! Hope you get your "stuff" done today!

moosecraft said...

What a GREAT week you had! Parties are always extra fun this time of year. Glad you are deciding to take it a bit easier this year with the Christmas preparations... relax and enjoy the season!

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy, two great parties in one week! How's a hooker gonna get any rest!!!
But wasn't it fun???

What a lovely gift package! The hooked mat is delightful!

If I don't get to see you before, have a great Christmas!!!

prashant said...

easier this year with the Christmas preparations... relax and enjoy the season!

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corinna said...

what fun
and beautiful handiwork all around
esp the color combos in that nativity piece....yowsa Nice!

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