Sunday, June 7, 2009


Finally the sun has come out again. Not sure how long it will last, but I sure enjoyed every second of it. Friday I ended up going out with Donna and Rachel for lunch, a few drinks and then some shopping at the outlets. I was thrilled I found 3 shirts. I have been having a hard time finding clothes. They don't fit or they are just plain ugly. Sure wish there was a survey somewhere I could fill out to voice my opinion. Would love to give the designers a piece of my mind. Guess that will never happen. Anyway, we had a wonderful time even though it rained the whole day. Got back after dinner, and then I was busy until I went to bed finishing up last minute stuff for the yard sale the next day.
What a joy it was to wake up to NO rain on Saturday. I got to the spot in town a little before 6:00 and started to set up, and then Donna and Rachel came. Get the 3 of us together and there is bound to be lots of laughs. We did have a good time. And we did quite well considering we only had the one day. Those 2 had much more than I did. I've been having them for the last couple years, and I swore I wouldn't do another one. I joined in just for them. I came back with only a few things. Some were left overs from my son which he will pick up one day. The other little things went into the garbage! My kids sold quite a bit too, so that gives them a little bit in their pocket. I made more than enough for dinner LOL. And the extra will go to a new hair dryer for Nicole since hers just died, and my curling iron died on me this morning. So no WOOL for me lol.
Nicole and I were supposed to go to a wedding shower on Saturday, but there was no way I could make it. I had planned on skipping Saturday's yardsale and just doing Thursday and Friday, but with the rain, I had only the one day. Nicole went without me, and she said it was nice. I heard she even helped with the clean up. Good girl!!!
I had church this morning at a park with the sunday school class. We had breakfast there, and then did our lesson. A little cool at 7:30 in the morning, but it warmed up shortly after. Wasn't too bad. The food was great, and so was the fellowship. I really enjoyed myself.
Came home and did some hooking on the deck. That was nice, because by the time I got to go out there, the sun had just turned around the house, so I had some shade. Yesterday my arms got burnt and I didn't need any more sun on them today.
Tomorrow is hooking in Gettysburg, and Pat is coming over my house and I'm going to drive us there. Will be nice to have the company! Hoping to get lots of pictures to share with you...
Have a wonderful Monday everyone. May it be a great start to a really productive week for you!


weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy! I'm up early and getting ready to go! Can't wait!!!

Beth C. said...

Are you getting my emails? They keep bouncing back to me.