Thursday, June 25, 2009

My baby boy's 22nd Birthday

Geez, the years are flying by. Today Craig turned 22. I still say he's the one getting older, not me! Everything is so different now since he is living on his own. Usually he got to pick breakfast, lunch and dinner of his choice, but not this year. I would leave papers around the house saying Happy Birthday, but not this year. This year I called him and left a message on his cell phone wishing him a Happy Birthday. It's all I could do. He's a grown man now, working full time. No room in there for Mom to baby him any more, or make a fuss over him. Sad, but reality.

I remember my mom would always call me at the time I was born which was 11:02 a.m. No matter where I was, and she would sing Happy Birthday to me on the phone. I loved it. And ohh, how I miss it. Hope Craig enjoyed hearing my voice. Although he did tell me at dinner time that I wasn't the first one on his message machine. NationWide Insurance called him to wish him a Happy Birthday LOL. Guess I'm number 2....

So we met Craig and his girlfriend Lake at a resaurant in MD. It wasn't far from where my husand works, so he went there straight from work. Nicole and I drove together. We had a nice meal, and good conversation. I was happy Nicole remembered her camera. I forgot mine. Left it in my bag from this morning when I was at Linda's shop. I started whipping my rug. So Nicole took some shots for me, and I was able to snap one of her and her brother. Craig and Lake

Group shot..

Looking forward to seeing Craig on Saturday when he comes over to wash his car. Guess he still needs Mom and Dad for something lol.
Happy Birthday Craig!!


weaverpat said...

aaawh! He's so cute! Hope you had a wonderful evening. I know it's hard to let the kids go, but remember that having a twenty something still at home is a lot different than a 40-year old still occupying the same bedroom! All you can do is keep loving them and pray for the best. HUGS!!!

Joanne said...

Looks like you had a wonderful dinner and visit with Craig and the family - the proof is in the pudding - just look at all those smiling faces! Hard to believe someone as young as you has a 22 year old!