Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gift in the mail

Yesterday was such a beautiful day with the sun shining and getting things accomplished. I did get my car washed inside and out. Feels good to get the bug splatter off the windshield! While I was in the middle of doing this, the mail woman came and handed me the mail. Craig has been getting packages left and right. He is fixing up computers and selling them. He's so talented with that! There was one package for him, but there was one for me too! It was from Kelley from AAPG, our on line group. I wanted to stop what I was doing and open it, but I just set it down. If I didn't stay focused, I wouldn't finish. I know me lol. But I did look at it a few times wondering what was in it. When I was all done, I came in the house and went right for the scissors. Oh my, what a lovely package. There were beautiful worms and a lovely piece of wool along with a punch needle piece by her. It is just gorgeous. I had to run to get my glasses to see it up close. I wanted to see how she finished her piece. Everyone does things differently. I love how she did it and will try it on one of my next pieces. Thank you so much Kelley ! Last night I went back to EB for some hooking. I can't believe I made it there 2 weeks in a row. That hasn't happened in a long time. It was such a lovely evening. I love how it stays lighter longer. Everyone was sitting outside under the trees.

Janice and Joe have such a lovely piece of property.
Katie ran out of her strips that she brought with her, and you can see on the left hand side of the border (that little tiny white spot), how much more she has to go! I took a picture of this last week and I was amazed at how much she accomplished.
Janice too! Same thing. I took a picture of it last week, and see how much she got done?
Her dog Milly had to come and join us too. She's too cute, and is such a sweet dog.
Directly across the stree from Janice is a field where there are some of these... I had to go take a look. The guy who owns them was feeding them some grain.

Now I know I am originally from NJ, and moving out here has been absolutely wonderful. But you would "think" that I would know better. Here is your laugh for the day, I made the girls laugh last night...... They are black, and I just "assumed" they were bulls LOL. Nope, cows and their babies. Oh how pathetic am I lol? They were just too cute, and I had to go over and talk with them and take a picture.
I'm hoping to make it back next week, but I'm not sure what the plans are yet. So we'll play it by ear. I do enjoy the company. It is a long ride for me. 50 minutes or so, and in the evening it's a tense ride home in the dark over the mountain. Last week I saw 5 deer. This week I saw 2 deer and a fox. I'm just so afraid of hitting something, so it's slow go all the way.
Time to get ready to pick up my daughter and get my day going here. I hope everyone has a productive day! Not sunny here, but I plan on making the best of it....... Hope you do too...


Joanne said...

Oh so nice you go out to EB group again - looks like a great inspiring group to hook in. Oh and thanks for the giggles - i'm still laughing - A Bull!!!!! you are just too funny!!!!!

weaverpat said...

LOL!, Kathy! I think you need to take the 'farm tour'!