Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend here and gone

Can't believe it's Tuesday already. I had a busy weekend running around as usual. That's what happens when you have a teenager. But I did make time to finish hooking the background of my group project. I like it, but then I want to change things with it. But for now it will stay just the way it is. Now I need to draw the chevron stitch border. I was almost able to finish it yesterday at Chambersburg group, but I had things that needed to get done, so I left the rest of it for this morning at church while hooking with Genny. Sunday, Joan and Nancy picked me up to go see the Pennsylvania-German Vintage Hooked Rugs at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown, Md. The rugs were from the collections of Dr. Patricia T. Herr and The Heritage Museum, in Lancaster Pa. We got there early enough to walk through the museum, and I can say I'd love to go back. It was very nice. I thought there were going to be more rugs to see, but what we did see were very nice. We stayed for the lecture by the Author and Collector Dr. Patricia Herr. She did a fine job. There were questions and answers at the end. Also you could have your book signed by her after it was over, and that is what Joan did. I don't have this particular book. No cameras were allowed, so I didn't get any pictures. Except for Joan having her book signed. They didn't mind that. The other picture's I got of her, I will send directly to her. She's a silly goose and we had rabbit ears from both her and Bob standing next to her lol. So yesterday was Chambersburg group, and it was a nice sized group that showed up despite it being such a gorgeous day. Some people didn't come, and we were thinking they were home working outside. Sandy is working on her chair pad. This is the same pattern that Peggy had done as a larger round rug in one of my previous posts. I am surprised that she has stuck with this one for as long as she has. It's in a #3 cut and I KNOW her next rug will be in a larger cut. She's doing a great job with it though!
Doris has finished hooking her rug and was working on the whipping part of it. I really love the color planning of this rug. Just beautiful Doris!
Thelma is working on this rug of flowers and butterfly. Looking good!

Naomi is almost completed hooking her rug. It is a gift.
And another gift to be given was made was by Joan. She did a punch needle piece. Isn't it wonderful? She's trying to find a frame for it, but is having a hard time because of it's size. She would like a square frame. I "think" it's around 6" x 5"? Sorry if I got that wrong Joan, but if anyone has any suggestions as to "where" to find something for her, please let me know so I can pass it along.
Ok, back to today. Geez, I feel like I'm all over the place here. That's what happens when you don't post often enough. Genny from church is just about done hooking her rug. She is very excited about it, and I will wait until it is finished all the way before I snap another picture of it to show. I had some errands to run afterwards. My son and his girlfriend Lake are moving into an apartment tomorrow and I wanted to get a gift for them. As a matter of fact, they are signing the lease as I type. (sniffling and clapping. such mixed emotions lol) I will be busy all day tomorrow, so I won't be around to help him move his things. I'm pretty sure they've got it all covered. So when I got back, it was so nice out, I decided to wash my car. She was filthy. Glad that is done. But why is it, it takes HOURS to clean a car inside and out? I could have gotten 3 rooms done inside the house lol. Which I need to do after I finish up here.
Tomorrow I'm really excited to be meeting up with Joanne and Cheryl at the Salvation Army fabric fair in Chambersburg. Hope the weather isn't too yucky. It's supposed to rain. Afterwards we will go out to lunch and then go over to Grant Street Woolworks to do some hooking, or whatever else we bring along to work on. Looking forward to just hanging out with everyone.
Well, I must get my rumpus in gear and get some work done.
Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Create something that makes you smile.........


moosecraft said...

Hi Kathy!!! Have fun tomorrow!!! A suggestion for the frame... they do sell square ones in the craft store. Might find a bigger one and "mat" it with the backing fabric like you did Lori R's flower sampler? Loved that look. They also sell sqaure deep ones (for shadow boxes) might be able to add some shells and small pail, etc...

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Thanks Sharon for the tips!! Stiillll wish you were coming tomorrow lol!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Such beautiful work on the rugs! I'd surely be afraid to show you my one and only.LOL
Have a great day!