Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Decision has been made

Well, it certainly has been stressful, but the decision has been made. Took quite a bit of running around, ok a LOT of running around, doing the test driving, research, etc., on the cars. I can honestly say that I've never been this involved with the decision making as this one. I was the one doing all the test driving since it would be my car. Was a good learning lesson for me all around. Yesterday was a busy day from beginning till end. Extremely long day, but sooooo well worth it. This is what we came home in last night! It's a Honda Fit Sport. Color is Blackberry Pearl, and the color changes with the light. It's a blackish purple. My honest opinion and I told the sales guy there, that their color choices really stunk. But out of all of them, this was my favorite. George did test drive it before we sat down and signed papers. I can tell he was happy with the choice as well. We didn't get home until after 9:30 last night and we stopped for Burger King on the way home for dinner. We were starving, since we left right when George got home from work. While we were ordering, I told George he should sit in the back seat on the way home. He said Yeah, good idea! He was soo funny. I think this car comes with 10 cup holders lol. Why? Haven't figured that one out yet. It really is roomy in the back. That was an important thing for me. So maybe now I can concentrate on cleaning my house since all I've been doing is running lately.

I did go to the Chambersburg group on Monday. My mind is MUSH lately, and can ya believe I forgot my camera? I walked in there and saw all the rugs and thought Crap! How could I do that?? And there was lots to see. Pat has posted pic's on her blog from that day. Was so nice to sit for just a little bit and hook. Enjoyed seeing everyone again! I finally drew up something for the basket bingo piece I'm donating. I'm liking it so far. I quickly drew it up, and I might change a few things with the design. Will see as I go. Lol, if you look closely enough you can see the outline of a birdhouse I "thought" I was going to do. Then said nah... another time for that.

Today will be a day of getting the insurance taken care of, some grocery shopping, some house keeping, and then some well deserved relaxation.

Can't believe it's Wednesday already. Wishing everyone a great day!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new car! I have never heard of that make before. If I had a new car I would be running the road just to drive it! lol. Enjoy your new car Kathy.

moosecraft said...

Excellent choice Kathy! Everyone I know that bought Honda just loves it! The Fit is new to me, but looks like it has some good storage space without being overly huge... I'm with Paula one this one... invent some errands to run, just to drive your new car! Enjoy!

Beth said...

i cant believe it my husband has been researching the fit for about a year!! he thinks its practical and good gas mileage!! we would get the sport edition also not sure of the color, but now he is leaning toward the passat volkswagen station wagon (he cant seem to get a away from VWs) i could care less as long as it runs!!!! i love your pattern of the tulip and the colors look like something most people would like!! good choice!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I love buying new cars! Kathy! I miss you! Will you be at Grant Street??

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Oh how I wish today would have been a nice day out to drive in, but it was wet and dreary. I just looked at it through the window lol.. But, tomorrow is another day. Have lots of running to do. I'm looking forward to it.
Jill you are funny. You think it's fun to buy a new car, Joanne said to think of it as an adventure. ME, I just think it was a headache lol. Hate making big "costly" decisions. Always have. Usually end up with a migraine, but this time I didn't. That was a plus!!
Yes, Jill, I am planning on being at Linda's next week!! See you and your sister there!

weaverpat said...

Hey Kathy! Nice car!!! Looks fun to drive!!! Don't be out running it all over the place and forget to hook! LOL!!!
See you next Thurs.