Friday, April 24, 2009

Group project and 7 sisters..

What a day I had today. It was Joan's dye group today and we are working on a new project that we dyed some wool with onion skins a while back. We were to draw up a circle, oval, something on foundation and hook the center any way we wanted to. Everyone else drew up a circle, and I picked an oval. Just wanted something different. Here is mine. Not sure if I'm liking the background or not, but I'm going to keep going with it. Here's Nancy and Louise working on theirs and then a shot of Nancy's circle.

Joan had another pot of wool going with onion skins while we were discussing the next step of this project. The next step is to mock braid around our shape by hooking our wool to look like a braid. Joan is very good with seeing dimension, and had no problem at all drawing it on her piece. The rest of us were sorry creatures LOL. We just couldn't understand it at first. I caught on after a bit. I don't have mine drawn on yet because I haven't finished hooking my center yet. I will wait to do that part. Here is a shot of Joan's after she drew it on. She said it looked like a chevron stitch. You can see where she started to hook. It is going to be really neat. After that is all done, we are going to actually braid some wool and then stitch it to the outside of the mock braiding. Shall be interesting to say the least! A very good lesson. And we certainly had a good time laughing at one another!
I had to stop for groceries on the way back from Joan's house. Made it home in time to eat some dinner and take Nicole to drop off an application for work. She wants to get a job. Glad she is eager! Also took her for a quick drive to get her used to the car. She's doing better each time.

After that, I headed out to Genny's house. Genny is the one I hook with at church. WELL, she has 6 sisters!! So there are 7 of them. Oh MY LOL! What a hoot. I don't have any sisters. Too watch them, well, there were no words. It was funny, hysterical at times lol, and just heart warming. So nice to see a group of sisters get along the way they do. Genny thought of everything to get them started. She began by collecting hooks from ebay, as well as foundation, and also had all her worms for them to use. She had her husband make little starter frames that they could tack their foundation on. I was impressed with how much effort went into this. She gathered up pictures for inspiration and I brought along some of my rugs so they could see some variety. It was funny how they all started saying ooh, aah, I want to try this or that. Everyone got their drawing onto the foundation and tacked to the frame. Then all you heard was discouragement, but in a funny way. Like all us hookers in the beginning. Looks so easy until you try to pull your first loop. It just takes practice. By the time I left they were all managing well. Here are some shots.
Genny is standing, Cathy is hooking, and Doris was drawing up her design.
Then we have Gladys, Bert, and Mabel.
After a bit, Bert was helping Mabel, and Dot was watching. Dot watched for a while before she pulled her first loop. She wasn't going to do it, but I think after everyone else tried it, she gave it a shot. She was doing just fine when I left.

I cannot imagine that many sisters! But how wonderful it was to sit back and listen to them, and watch them help each other. I really got a kick out of being a part of it all.
It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend. I have a little running to do tomorrow with Nicole, but after that, I'm hoping to just sit and hook. I feel like I've been running all week again. Take a little time for yourself this weekend, and be creative!


Joanne said...

Oooh Kathy - I'm loving your oval and background - but then I love a hit and miss project! How fun you were involved with all those sisters and teaching them to hook - sounds like a fun filled day you had! Hope you get to do whatever your heart wishes this weekend after all the things you did for others!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Looks like you all are having lots of fun. All the designs are looking great and I'll the braided look is going to be lots of fun!

Beth said...

Kathy i really want to copy your design in the oval (colors and all, i really really love it alot!!) even thought i say that all the time!!! Got some flowers and veggies and did some planting and ran around with my mom and went and saw issac and jill today, it was busy but fun!! cant wait to see you!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love your oval and the background! The braiding will really look wonderful when done you will have to show a picture of it, the sisters all look like they had fun...I wonder how many will become "hookers" :)
Have a great evening,

Beth said...

kathy you should teach us how to do that technique i really like it with the braid, unless its to hard!!!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Beth, I'm not onto the mock braiding yet, but when I get to it, I'll see how it goes. That will determine if I'll do a tutorial or not some time. We'll have to see! I'm almost done hooking the background.

Beth said...

Hey kathy i posted the pic of my husband, but underneath i actually posted more and a good recipe, i should of put his pic last!! I dont know if you saw it, i thought you may like the recipe!!!