Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy last few days, but more progress to share..

The days sure are flying by. I have been hooking whenever I can though. Some nights I'm just too tired. I know you all know how that feels. I had my dye group last Friday. That is always enjoyable. We get together once a month and have a plan to dye some wool, pick a new project to hook, or both. Right now we are concentrating on dyeing our own swatches out of the Spots and Scraps book by Dotti Ebi. We are really enjoying it. We each bring our own wool and dyes and do the color that we have picked for that month. Looking forward to it next month!

The weekend was busy with dress shopping for my daughter Nicole. Homecoming is this coming Saturday. Not going with a date, just some friends. It's also my mil's 90th Birthday, and Nicole also has a cross country meet, and a football game. I did ask her how we were to fit that all in. She came to me the other day and said she's not running that day, Whew! We'll be able to manage it all I'm sure.

Yesterday I had a hooking group to go to, and stayed a lot longer than I thought I would. You just get to gabbing, and before you know it, the clock jumps ahead a few hours. It sure was fun though. I did get a few loops pulled. I couldn't hook last night. Bills needed to be paid and I had to make a grocery list for today. That was an all day affair today. Not only did my own shopping, but did my mil's too. I'm tired, but need to suck it up and head on over to my daughters meet to watch her run. She had an injury early on this season, and this is only the second race she's been able to compete in. I know she's going to give it her all since it's the last one that she will run this season. I'm rooting for her!!

So here is a little more of the rug. It's coming along. Oh, that was another thing I had to do this weekend. Actually did it on Sunday after church. I ripped the background that I had hooked. It wasn't what I had wanted, and every time I looked at it, it just looked flat and dead. It was more of a blackish brown. So I went ahead and pulled some different wools and dyed them a dark brown color. More warming to me. At least I'm happy with it now and can just keep on hooking!

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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

You have been busy! I love the rug that you are doing and I'm like that too if something just doesn't look like I pictured it I rip it out:)