Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Rug

Finished the last rug for the show. This one is called Folky Sampler. Again by Chestnut Junction that was a sitchery pattern that I bought a very long time ago. The dark brown background was nice to do.
I took the day off yesterday, since I had some other things that needed to get done, and last night I had every intention of getting back to it, but I just zoned in front of the tv. Can't even tell you what I was watching lol. That's when I knew it was time for bed. I feel more refreshed this morning, so I need to get myself upstairs and get to it.
Just wanted to share the last rug. Wishing everyone a wonderful day. It is gorgeous out there today, and time to open up the windows! (might not be a good idea, the wool dust will sure fly then LOL)


Anonymous said...

Kathy - i can't decide what i like best so therefore i'm just gonna say I love it all! You do great work and I wish the best of luck on Saturday - i'm still keeping my toes crossed that my class gets canceled on Saturday then I can come out and visit with you! Joanne

primitivebettys said...

Best wishes for your show! It looks like you have a bundle of goodies to take along. Rain or no rain ~ I'm sure you will do wonderfully. I too have a show tomorrow. It is nerve racking, but fun!!