Saturday, January 3, 2009

Soooo close to being done~

Well, it's been a long road on this rug. I joined a group to try and get this rug done by Oct. 31st of 2008. Didn't make it obviously. Had only the center done by that date. Finally got to sit down and hook the day after Christmas, and really made headway. Worked some more on it today and now I see the light at the end of the tunnel! I'm hoping by tomorrow night that it will be done. I do have church tomorrow, and not sure what is planned for the afternoon, so no promises to myself. But I'm hoping! When I did get to hooking the border, I had just about a whole long side done before I laid it on the floor to step back and look at it. Oh boy, I did not like it. Just wasn't the color I was hoping for. Hard to get a true picture of it with the camera too. But then I showed it to a few people and Linda pointed out that there was no border color in the center. So I put some in a few acorns and leaves, and it really does bring it together more. Again, hard to tell in the picture. I plan on whipping it with the darker center brown in hopes that it will frame it nicely and make it look weighed down, if that makes sense. Not sure of the correct way to say it. I"m hoping that when it's all done, that I can get a better picture of the color.

Didn't do much else today. My son and husband went out looking at a car that my son wanted to get. Actually, this was his second choice of a car. The first one was a bit out of range for a first time loan for him. After a few hours, I knew they were coming home with a new car. Just felt it. And sure enough, near dinner time, they pulled into the drive in his new car! Well, it's a used 2004, but looks brand spanking new. I am very proud of him and what he has accomplished with school and his job. He is going to school now on line to get his bachelors while working full time at the hospital in the IT department. Computers are his thing. I am in awe of those who can really do so much with this "box" lol. He really knows his stuff! The car he got is a Nissan 350Z. A REAL sportscar! When he pulled in, I grabbed my coat to go take a look. Sat down in it, and when I turned around, I said "there's NO back seat" lol. I thought hmm, not a family car. But that's ok, he's just 21, no rush! I'm happy for him that at his age, he is able to achieve what he has, and has saved enough for a good down payment on his new car. He took me for a quick ride in it, and it sure is nice. Before I got out, I had some change in my pocket that I threw on the floor for good luck. Had an old friend who did that when we got a new car, and I guess it just stuck. Craig, wishing you much happiness with your new "toy"!! Enjoy it....
Perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to get a picture of it and post it on here. Well, that's it for tonight. I"m beat and it's almost midnight. Need some shut eye.
Night all....


Joanne said...

Kathy I like your rug - i really do - it's looking like a "frame" for the center - but i know what you mean - sometimes what's in your minds eye isn't what comes off your hook!

Oh too funny you threw your change - When I was in my very early 20's - I bought a brand new car and at the time I was working on a construction site - all the guys came out to see it - and I remember Bernie said to open my trunk - i did and he threw in all his pocket change - then the rest of the guys did the same- never heard of that "custom" before -

That's great - it's always a nice feeling having something new!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, i am impressed with your rug. I sat down last night to work on mine and ran into problems...i am a bit discouraged. I am doing flowers and they aren't turning out right, I think i need to read up on how to hook flowers. the petals don't seem defined, they look like blobs. I think its great your sons car does not have a back seat(for many also he can't haul around a bunch of people to distact him...I hope Isaac picks a car with no back seat!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Oh, just to lovely, such talent you have.

You have a great son...isn't it nice when they grow up to be so responsible?

Chris will be looking for a new car later this year...he just made his last car payment on the one that he has so I will certainly remember throwing my change in his new one, thanks:)