Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Loving this weather ~~ Time to catch up

This post will be a long one. I just haven't been in the mood to update the blog. Busy doing other things, or doing nothing at all. Spring/Summer is my favorite kind of weather.  So I may or may not be on here to post much. I haven't even read many of your blogs lately.  The most I do on the computer anymore is read my emails,  play my words with friends game if there are any, and then not much else. It's very freeing not to be tied down to this box for as long as I used to spend on here.  Ok, enough said, now to catch up on some pictures!

I never did post what my daughter made me for Mother's Day.  That fruit was soooo good!  So happy she was creative and watched her money :).

2 weeks ago at Grant Street Woolworks, Doris came with a couple of her students. It was nice seeing you again Doris!  Here is a rug she is currently working on.  Love this pattern. Has always been on my to do list.  Maybe some day :).

It was also Rick's Birthday that weekend.  The girls decided to celebrate and Margo made Rick one of his favorite cakes.

Rick "LOVES" Joan's homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Who doesn't?  I had to get a picture of it, because she gave him 3 bags!!

That was the week that Joanne was there too.  Here is a shot of her rug which will be a wedding gift for her Niece.

Marilyn finished her rug!! Great job :)

This was Eleanor's rug I believe. Hope I got the name right.  Lovely!

Nancee working on her cookie cutter rug :)

Bert finished her piece!

Debbie finished hooking hers.  It's from a tole painting pattern. Debbie is really a new hooker. I think this was her 4th piece!

Linda worked with her and even suggested a few things to add to give it some more depth. Great ideas with the little apples and pears in the tree. Looked great.. Didn't get the after picture though.

Linda has been busy with orders, and she finished one and rolled it out to show us.  A General's I believe. Linda sews WW1 clothing.

This past week Linda's friend Cherry came out  with 2 of her students and we got a look at what they were working on.  This one is Cherry's.

It was a real serious week. Lots of hooking was getting done. 

Marilyn started and is close to finishing another little piece. I'm thinking she really likes this hooking :) !

Amy working on her pink pig

Debbie finishing up her stained glass piece.  Nancee told her she couldn't start another one until she "finished" the one's she has hooked.  Good going Nancee :).

Cherry also finishing her piece off.

Margo and Nancy working on transferring a piece.  (See, these girls really came to work!)

Joan had finished off all her mug rugs, and started another geometric.

Diana is working on her fraktur. I think she had ripped out what she did here and went in another direction.  This is going to be a good learning piece for Diana. 

Lynda, one of Cherry's students finished her rug while she was there.  It looked Great!! So nice to have met you all, and I hope you come back for a visit again soon!

Here is Betsy's piece.  Loved the green background, and the whole pattern. So fun!  I missed getting Tonia's rug. She took it out to the car before I got a picture. Next time!!

Look how Nancee's rug is coming along!  I just love it :)

And Nancy finished her piece :).  Great job Nancy!  This was a free pattern out of a magazine.  Margo was transferring this one.  Looking forward to seeing  what colors she chooses..

And here is Nancy working on her latest. Hummingbirds.  Keep going!

I too have gotten quite a bit done.  I brought out my fraktur pattern that I designed in the class with Susan Feller. I'm really enjoying it.  I was hoping to get to hook this Memorial day weekend, but never got to it.  I just enjoyed my family instead, and took long walks in the neighborhood.  Yes, even in this humid weather. I just take a bottle of water along with me as well as my mp3 player. It's "me" time. I do a lot of praying for family and friends during this time. It's my alone time with God, and just time to be still and listen to what He has to say.  Made it back to the house the other night right before a storm hit.  I didn't see the sky behind me until I turned one corner. Oh my was the sky black.  Even my daughter and her boyfriend headed out in the car to come after me.  But I just picked up my step into a jog and was just about home when they were turning the corner.  I didn't even take the offer of the ride. I figured if it started to rain, it would feel good lol.  But I made it home just in time.  The winds picked up and the sky opened up!

Time to start my day.  Hope you enjoyed the last couple weeks worth of pictures.  Will get some this week too I'm sure.  Just hope it doesn't take as long till next post!

Have a terrific week everyone!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Great post, Kathy!
So many wonderful rugs. I am so happy to see that Doris made it to Grant Street. She is simply amazing and so is the rug she is hooking!
Hugs :)

Julia said...

With so much to do I know the feeling of not having time to blog as It can really suck up our precious time.

Thanks for sharing the rugs being worked on at Grant Street.

I'm glad that Doris went to Grant Street for a visit. It's so nice seeing her getting around. She is a remarkable tough one that gal. I have much admiration for her. Take car e and have a great summer. JB

annie said...

I love seeing all the pictures you post! Glad you are enjoying your free time!

DJ's Farmette said...

It muct be in the air, because i have been getting some hooking accomplished! Doris looks great in your picture!! I havent seen her in forever!

Joanne said...

Oh my only you would be loving the humidity! Just teasing! Always a good time at GS! Now where are pics of YOUR projects????