Friday, May 11, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things~~~

It's unbelievable at how the week has just flown by.  I'm still enjoying the relaxing mode, and really don't want to get out of it.  I'm very Blessed to have a husband that supports his family the way he does.  I took my time at getting things back in order this week here at the house.  Yesterday however was the hook in, and I finished up some chores before heading over.  

What a nice surprise to see some people that I only get to see every so often.  They made the trip out to hook and do some shopping. 

Diane and her piece which is just lovely!

Becky, Ellie, Diane, Joanne, and Martha in the background who stopped in for some punch needle supplies.

Joan working on quite a few mug rugs....

Margo bound and determined to finish her fraktur piece. We think she is close to being finished, but she doesn't lol.

Two new women, sorry I didn't get their names, who stopped in for some wool for their applique.

And Diane who finished hooking her flying Rabbit rug and was starting to whip it!!

Marilyn finishing up her cat rug with the whipping.  Can't wait to see her start another piece! Sending get well wishes to her daughter Amy who couldn't make it. She wasn't feeling well.

A view of Nancee's rug that she designed.  Looking soooo forward to seeing the blocks of color she puts behind these cookie cutter animals!

Karen who is brand spanking new to rug hooking. She stopped in a few weeks ago to buy a kit.  She stopped by yesterday to sit and hook with us. Doing a Great job!

I did manage to get some hooking done.  Not sure why I always forget to take a picture of my own work. Will try to get an update on that soon.  I forgot to take my 8.5 blade for the background, but I was able to get the main elements done on two mats.  Will hopefully get the backgrounds done this weekend.  I pretty much did what I wanted to do around the house today.  Started with the weeding outside and then came in and started with the windows.  I just did the front windows and then cleaned up the front porch, got the cushions out (will look into buying some new ones this year) and swept everything up.  Nice and neat looking now.  Can't wait to get some flowers out there. 

Got a phone call the other day from my son inviting us over for a picnic on Mother's day on Sunday.  Looking forward to enjoying my day with the family.  

Wishing All you Mothers out there a Beautiful day.  Give your Moms a hug for me.... I certainly miss mine!
Have a great weekend :) 


Joanne said...

Thanks for the hook-in pics - it's (almost) like being there! Wahhhhh wish I could come out!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Great rugs being hooked and wow that applique piece is huge! I've always wondered what it would be like to snuggle under a wool applique blanket! So toasty! I really like Marilyn's cat rug.

Julia said...

Thanks for sharing those gorgeous rugs with us.That flying rabbit is absolutely gorgeous.
I would just love being there in person to see all those rugs up close.

Have a great weekend.
Hugs, JB

Gayle said...

Wow! Thanks for all the pictures! I hope we get to see the cookie cutter rug when it's finished.

The Wool Cupboard said...

Your hook-in group created some wonderful rugs...thanks for sharing pictures, Kathy.


moosecraft said...

Great pics from the hook-in! Love that flying rabbit rug! :-) Glad you are getting back into the swing of things... it's always so nice to have a break from it all though. Happy Mother's Day to you!

kelley said...

Thanks for all the great eye candy Kathy! you know I always wish I could be there too...

Happy Mother's Day...a family picnic sounds great...I'll surely give my Mom and extra hug from you...

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Super rugs but my fav is the one Diane is hooking. Oh la la!!!
Happy Mother's Day.
Hugs :)