Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lake's Birthday

Friday the 13th this month Lakein turned 26.  Her mom and I talked through messaging, and I found out that Lake likes my coffee cake.  Sooo we had a pizza party with her and her Mom and Dad and friends. Kind of hard to decorate a crumb topping, so I just arranged 26 candles to form the number.

I'm thinking she is wishing many, many wishes.....

And I'm sure they will all come true after blowing out all those candles!

What a fun night it was with the family. I'm hoping the upcoming year brings many good things for her and Craig.


moosecraft said...

Mmmmmmm.... coffee cake! Happy Birthday Lake!

Julia said...

Happy belated to Birthday Lake.

I love a coffee cake too. It looks perfect and good job blowing all those candles. I would hate to have to blow ALL mine, lol. JB