Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hooking the Big one ~ Hook in fun ~ Rug Hooking class with Susan Feller

What a fast week this has been. Helped out at the shop for 2 days this week, and on Wednesday I was able to finish up hooking a piece for the selling blog. The update will be Next Friday! Check back for more details as time gets closer.

Thursday was the hook in, and wow, was it a hopping day! Love seeing Linda's shop full like that.  I whipped my the mat I finished hooking the day before, and then started the outline for the Big one I'm doing. I outlined in an 8.5 cut and will do the inside in a 9 cut. I'm excited about it, and will be working on that today.  (there is an NCIS marathon that starts at 1:00 today lol). 

Two new people came to the hook in to learn how to hook, so Linda set them up with something to give them a feel. Before they left, they had a pattern, some wool with it cut and were ready to do some hooking at home. They said they will be back next week.  Amy on the left with her mom Marilyn on the right. Hope I got the names right.

Barb had 2 of her friends there. The one on the right is teaching an applique class, and the one on the left is one of the students. Sorry I forgot their names. They were busy for a while picking out some dyed wool.

Joan and Linda talking about Joan's piece and boy oh boy, as the day went on, those 2 got so giddy. Love the laughter :) :)....

Tanya in the bottom corner of the picture above surprised us yesterday. She had some work in the area and made sure she had her hooking in the car :).  We were real happy to see her!  This is the piece she is working on now. Love it!

And Nancee finished yet another piece! This piece and the one above are both from the same designer.  Anne Nichols from Annetiques.  Can't wait to see what she will be hooking next week!

More silliness. Genny went to the farm show this week with her grandchildren and had to have the hat lol.  She brought her rocking chair that she bought at a sale and then hooked the back and seat for it. Way to go Genny!!

She brought her sister Dot to try and get her to finish the project she started to hook.


And here is the punch needle piece that Genny finished that evening. She didn't have much more to go. Great job!

Now that Diane finished her pig rug, she has started a new one. I think she is really enjoying it.

And now a little bit about Linda having a class in February taught by Susan Feller. It's a class on designing your own fraktur to hook.  I will be taking the class and am looking forward to it.  If anyone is interested, or you have some questions,  you can contact Linda directly at 717-860-4628. It will be a 3 day class at Grant street Woolworks.   Would love to see some New faces!! As I receive more news about it, I'll give an update ~~

The weather certainly has gotten colder the last few days, and I'm happy that I don't have to go out at all this weekend. Well, church tomorrow, but that is it!  

Last night we had family over for Lake's Birthday. Will share a few pic's from that perhaps tomorrow. We had a great time.  I cleaned the house real good yesterday (1 1/2 hours on my hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor) . God I can't wait till we get a new one......................  So I deserve the day off today to get some crafting done :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone, and stay warm!  I'm off to start another piece for the selling blog. Can't decide on cross stitch or punch needle. Decisions, decisions..... 


Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Wow so many great projects! I love the sheep punch needle project. I have a PN project started but go sidetracked as usual. I noticed someone using a Thirty-One Gifts large utility tote for their hooking suplies. I use one too and it fits everything including my frame!

moosecraft said...

Your big rug is going to be hook up fabulous! Nice looking design. I like the flying rabbit rug too! Though... If it were mine I'd substitute it with a pig! lol! Winter definitely arrived yesterday...

annie said...

those are all amazing rugs, so glad you had a great time!

Joanne said...

Well showing off are you - hooking away and actually getting things done! And rubbing it in how much fun you are having at the hook-ins without me! LOL Okay just teasing you! Great shots of the day an dgreat projects!

Anonymous said...

So many super projects. It must be really great to gather and hook together.