Wednesday, November 2, 2011

~~ The Happy Couple ~~

It might be a while before I get the pictures back, so I thought I would go ahead and post the ones that I do have.

Here are some pictures from the Hall on Friday when we went to decorate. It was completely empty when we got there except for the tables and chairs. It was such a joy to see everyone working together. I love what Lake and Craig had picked for everything. It was the first time I was able to see everything.

We ALL were peeling potatoes.  I don't know how Lake's Mom did what she did. All the food was cooked the day before. What fun we had peeling that 25 lb bag of  potatoes! Lots of laughs, and it went quickly.

All ready for Saturday!

Still chopping those potatoes up lol.

The rehearsal went very well, and didn't take too long. During the practice is when Lake received the phone call about the photographer not coming because of the snow expected on Saturday. Amazing to watch all the girls pull out their phones to get another person to do the photo's. And one was found.
Here she is practicing... Didn't have many pictures of the rehearsal. I was already getting teary..

Then a good Rehearsal dinner with 2 plus tables with 20 people. It was late, and we were all tired. George gave a wonderful toast to the happy couple!

Saturday getting ready.... 

We made it there, despite the snow. I gave George a big kiss for getting us there safely.

....  A shot of the cake.

I got the biggest kick out of the High Five couple :)

And here we go ~~~ George and I entered the room first.

Our chairs

Lakes Mom on the left, escorted by John and Millie

Craig's face when he sees Lake :)

Girls in place....

And the Beautiful Bride Lakein escorted by her Dad Kenny

The ceremony

The Kiss ~~

And the New Mr. and Mrs. Craig Harris ~~

Very Happy Parents :)

Brother and Sister

I was able to retrieve a picture taken outside in the snow from Jessica's facebook pictures.

Before the reception, the girls fooling around  lol.

And their first dance to the song "The very thought of you". This is where I lost it.  They looked so lost in each other, so very happy....  It was absolutely beautiful :)  Lake did a wonderful job at picking out music.

The reception was a wonderful time. Lake thought it would be fun to change into costumes. She loves Halloween. The girls changed and so did Lake.  Other people had costumes on too.  
Here is one shot of Lake and her Maid of Honor Jessica.

I didn't want to bore you with picture after picture (all though I could have posted every one!)of everyone coming down the aisle,the reception, family,  etc. So I tried to sum it up the best I could.  It was a Fabulous day, the food was Outstanding (standing ovation to Lakes Mom Verna, and her sisters and family for cooking the food), everyone enjoyed themselves,  and we couldn't be more happier for Craig and Lake. We wish them many, many, many years of Love and Happiness.!


weaverpat said...

Aaaaw, Kathy, that was a beautiful post! I am so happy for Lake and Craig and all of you.
You could have posted more pictures! I don't think anyone would be bored.
Congratulations to the happy couple!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Congrats to the mom of the groom. What great pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!!! What a beautiful couple.
Pug hugs :)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Opps! Fat fingers.

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

What a nice wedding!! Everyone looked so good. Congrats to Craig and Lake!!

Jake said...

Never a bore to see beautiful pictures and a joy filled occasion. More please. :-)

ps...I got the chills reading and feeling. It clearly was a beautiful day.

Joanne said...

Looks like a wonderful day (Now why were you peeling taters in your coat?)

patijane's primitives said...

What a beautiful wedding, Kathy. You can post all the pictures you want. I think everyone would enjoy seeing them. Congratulations to the happy couple!!!!

moosecraft said...

Beautiful, gorgeous and so very happy! What a day to remember!

HomeSpunPrims said...

Loved seeing all the pictures Kathy. They look so happy. The colors of the dresses are beautiful. Love the fall color theme. The reception must have been great fun with the costumes. Wishing Craig and Lake all the best for a long and happy life together. Hugs, Lori

Lisa said...

looks like a wonderful time with lots of good memories. Lisa

Vicki said...

What a beautiful wedding. Love the rug you hooked with the horses! Wanted to Thank You for stopping by also...

Julia said...

Sorry of lagging behind in my comments. I'm still playing catchup.

Lake and Craig make a lovely couple and I wish them a long happy life together. I got a kick from the picture where thee girls are holding Craig and the High Five cake top. Thanks for sharing those wedding pictures. You still look young. JB

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Just catching up on blog wonderful!!!.. everyone looked so happy - beautiful bride and very handsome groom. Congrats Kathy !! I loved looking at all the pictures...never boring to see happy good memories!!! XO