Saturday, November 5, 2011

Full House

Trying to get back to a normal schedule now that things are settling down from the wedding.  Time to relax a bit, and what better time than at the hook in on Thursday.  It certainly ended up being a full house!

Linda and Barb. Barb was working on using up her scraps in a penny style rug.

Linda and her rug. Great design that she had Nancy P. draw up for her.

There was punching going on by Willa and Julie.  And Nancee in the background with her rug on the ground trying to color plan and see if things work.  Hope they are working for you now Nancee ! And Diane is plugging away on her pig rug. Making great progress!

Even some painting going on by Betsy.

Linda took some breaks to share with everyone the new sparkly wool that she had over dyed. People were really excited about it!

Then back to work she went in the sewing room. She had an order that needed to be finished by the next day.  And she got it done before the night was over :)!!  Ok, it was morning by the time it was finished, but it was done!  Ok, all except the collar lol. But the guy gave the wrong measurement, and being as good of a sewer that she is, she figured that out before cutting it.  The guy came to pick it up on Saturday, and she made the collar and sewed it on for him.

Brenda working on the rug that someone ordered from her.   Thought I got a shot of it when it was on the floor, but I guess I didn't.  It's a round rug. Very pretty with sculpting.

Nancy P working on her rug. Lovely colors !

And Julie finishing up a piece.  She used swim suit material for the horn and rick rack in a chain stitch for the border.  Very cool !

Louise working on a penny rug stocking. They always turn out so sweet!

And yes, even I got some hooking done!  I'm hoping to get to hook some more this weekend. I changed it a little by covering up the words Goode Things in the roof. Leaving the Harvest though.

Also going on is a Christmas Home show that I was asked to bring some of my items too. Thank you Teresa for asking me.  It runs through the weekend. I went yesterday for the first day.  Just had to take some shots of one of her rooms. (completely forgot to take some pic's of her crafts lol.. sad.... brain is only half working these days).  Her husband and son are hunters, and Wow, what beautiful displays of his hobby!

This is what I bought from her.  Her husband builds them and Teresa paints the wood pieces beautifully.  I have always admired her bread boxes.  And there was one there, and just the perfect color for me.  :).   I just Love it!  I'm slowly filling my home with pieces that I enjoy.  Kids are getting older, and pretty soon it will be just George and I.  While I can, I am picking up little things here and there.    And pretty soon, I'm hoping the time will be there for me to create more things with my hands that I can place around the house too.

And here is a Loooong over-due Thank you for a Birthday gift given to me by Nettie.  I told her when I thanked her, that I was going to put it on the blog, and just haven't gotten to it yet.  I just Love it Nettie! It was so thoughtful of you.  I look forward to punching it up.  Thank you..... Hope to see you soon and that you are feeling better each day!

I spent the day yesterday cleaning after I came home from Teresa's.  I had the bread box on the counter, and well, that led to rearranging everything. Good time to just clean while doing it. Isn't it funny how one little item can sometimes lead to a whole room make over lol?   I had fun doing it though.  There is so much I'd like to do to my home, but just not enough hours.  I'd like to repaint a few rooms and we desperately need new carpet or flooring of some type. But some things will just have to wait. 

Today I don't have really anything planned that I need to go out of the house for.  So, in just a little while, I am going to buckle down and get some wool dyed. I have been wanting to do it for a long time.  Today is the day. I will try and take some before and after shots. I plan on doing some over dying of some textures.

And tomorrow is a day long marathon of NCIS, Plus a movie with Mark Harmon in it at 9:00 tomorrow night.  I know where I'll be.  In my chair doing some hooking, maybe stitching, maybe something else.  But I will be doing something.  I've been jotting things down that I want to create, so I'll just be picking something.

I certainly hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Use your hands... it's amazing at what you can create!


moosecraft said...

So many lovely projects in progress!!! I really like the colors Nancy P is choosing for her rug. Sparkly wool? Methinks I need some for Christmas rugs... would look great as a piece here in there in a dark sky, some sparkly red in pointsettia's or santa's suit... some sparkly neutrals in a snowman... hmmmm... I'm sold... how do I purchase some? :-) Love how your harvest rug is coming along! I think you need some sparkly orange in those pumpkins... kinda will look like frost on the pumpkins... hmmmmm... yah... I need a piece of each of those sparkle wools... *grin*

Joanne said...

wow that was a full house! So sorry I had to "work" and missed it! Now that breadbox you better have bolted it down - love it! Cool "stuffed" animals too! Have a relaxing day!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Sharon, the wool comes in a beigey color and Linda over dyed it into those pretty colors. If you are looking for something specific, let me know! Bad me, I forget how much it is :(. Will email you when I find out dyed and undyed prices!

Julia said...

Kathy, it's nice to see what everybody is working on. There are no idle hands in that place.

Thanks for sharing those pictures, everything is looking beautiful.

I went to huge Craft Show and sale and didn't had time to see it all and I was just blown away by the quality of the work. It's all high end Christmas sale and the prices are high but so is the quality. My daughter sells her scarves that she weaves and wool that she spins and other creations there.

I just wish that I had more time to create with my hands. Have a great weekend. JB

Orange Sink said...

Wow! I'm blown away by all the talent your group of ladies have out there!! Each rug is wonderful! Wish I could be a little mouse in the corner watching all the wonders being made! Thank-you for always taking the photos and sharing!
Love your bread box! I know how it is wanting all the changes at once!! I get so impatient waiting too for things to get done here! I need a house cleaning fairy right now to get here quick!!
Great post!
Cathy G

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Kathy, I am a follower of your great blog. I love your version of Double Horse on the header. Did you get a copy of the great new book on Magdalena Briner's rugs? I'd like to invite you to visit my blog
I am also a rug hooker and stitcher!


Lisa said...

I plan to be watching that movie also. I am sure that there will be plenty of NCIS also. Have fun. Hope the wool dying went well for you today. Lisa

TeresaM said...

The bread box looks great in its new home! Glad you are happy with it!
But...... those animals look way out of place among all those beautiful hooked rugs! LOL That was a full house on Thursday! Michele and I will be there one of these weeks!

weaverpat said...

What a great group of hookers! Lots of interesting projects being done. Hope you and Teresa have a good show.

annie said...

Hope you have a great show. The pieces are so different, all just fabulous. I love your pictures, they are very inspiring.

Nettie said...

Hi Kathy glad you liked the punch needle pattern and are a good friend and desevere the best...
love You

The Evening Stitcher said...

Kathy...I just saw the pictures of your son's wedding and it looks beautiful!! You are such a doll...not looking nearly old enough to have a son old enough to get married!! Must be all that keeps us young!

Love all your projects and the bread box is really nice.