Friday, September 23, 2011

First day of Autumn

The lazy days have been lingering with me. Summer is over and Fall begins today.  Not sure what is the matter with me. Guess it's the changes in temperature.  You can just feel the change in the air. Can you believe that September is just about over? Then it's 3 more months till Christmas??  Ok, now you all are depressed, right?  It's time to snap out of it... I'm Embracing the change!

Been slacking big time on the blog. Never even posted anything from last weeks hook in. But Joanne did a good job with her blog in covering it! So glad she was there, and we missed her this week.  It was  very quiet yesterday, and a few people came and went throughout the day. I didn't get any pictures of them working. I was busy working myself.. a little bit about that in a minute.  
Margo came, and when she walked in, you could tell something was wrong. She is having severe back pain. I really wish she would have called ahead. We could have had the elevator ready for her. She found a comfortable chair to sit in and hooked for a while and then went home to rest and take more medicine.   Diane came and worked on her pig, and then Jill surprised us and worked on her flower rug. Linda was busy working on a workshop project. It's looking great!

I did take some pictures of the shop.  The Gourds are out and look sweet. Linda did a good job with decorating for Fall. I only took a couple shots. (I was working, remember?)

Took just a few shots of my decorating at home. I had the camera out this morning and figured why not. I still have more primping to do..

Now to my hooking.  I would have taken a picture of it, but it's still in the car, packed and ready to go to dye group today. BUT.... there is no dye group today lol.  Received an email from Joan saying she would see me Sunday. Hmm, got me to thinking. So I called her this morning.  We laughed of course. Ok, she laughed at me... and I laughed at myself.   Joan is having a hook in at her house on Sunday and she is getting ready for that.  Apparently we talked about not having the dye group this month at last months meeting.  I'm sticking to my guns and saying I had to leave early. But honestly don't remember if I left early last month or the month before that.  Following all of this LOL???  If you are, then you are better than me, because I sure can't!

Sooo, I have some free time to update the blog.  Was going to take a picture of what I was hooking on "after" dye group today.  So that will just have to wait until I empty my car.  I do have some running around today. I have the bridal shower for my future daughter in law Lake on Sunday.  Need to finish up for that.  I will only be able to stay for a very short time at Joan's, and then head on over to the shower.  Shame they landed on the same day. 

Tomorrow I will be helping Linda at a show in Mercersburg. I helped her 2 years ago at this show. I'm hoping the weather is good, and she does well. A great way to promote the shop!  And then in the evening, George and I were invited over to our neighbors house for a get together. It should be fun.

I have a feeling this weekend will fly by and Monday will be here before you know it.  Hoping you all can relax and make it last as long as you can..... Enjoy the weekend everyone, and keep those hands busy!         And Happy Fall !


moosecraft said...

Oooooh... i love that smiley gourd in the first pic! And the coverlet... and your acorn cross stitch... AND you have a thread cabinet? I admire them all the ime in antique stores... but one hasn't walked home with me yet! lol! Looking forward to seeing what you've been hooking! Have a great weekend!

Julia said...

I agree that time is flying by so fast, I feel like it's spinning out of control.

My, you have been and still are busy. I love all the fall decorations. I haven't even started decorating yet. Great picture and I LOVE, LOVE that gourd with the big smile. Have a safe fall weekend and have fun... JB

Nettie said...

Kathy ..enjoy yourself this weekend ,sounds like you are going to have a great time..
love you,

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Happy Fall! Have a great weekend!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Happy Fall to you too Kathy!!
I love all your pictures!! It is fun to decorate with those special favorite pieces!!
Hope the show goes well and that you have fun and enjoy some nice weather!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Joanne said...

Okay trying this - hope it works! Sorry I missed GS this week - but look at all the work you got done. So just how many days is it? I keep forgetting? Your house looks great!