Monday, September 12, 2011

Colonial Day update

Hello everyone.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  It sure was a wet one around here! So many areas were flooded, schools closed, businesses closed. Such a mess! I think it's all starting to dry up finally, and hope that the rain stays away for a while. 

All I could do was pray that the rain stayed away this past Saturday. God was good to us! Friday it rained and rained and rained buckets.  On Friday night, Linda and I drove out to Willa's house to spend the night since she is so close to East Berlin.  Beth and I sleep there each year to make things easier. A Big thank you to Willa for allowing us to stay :).  Saturday morning when I woke up, I listened for the rain. Nothing.....  Definitely moist in the air, but no rainfall.  We were able to set up and get it all in place in a short amount of time. Sure does help when there are so many of us!  I didn't take too many pictures, since it was basically the same set up as the show at Landis Valley a few posts back.  This time however, we were all dressed for the show.  We were able to get a picture of us all together minus Janice (the picture taker) and Becky who was busy at her stand of pottery. 

From left to right: Beth, me, Linda, Lilly Page (Willa's grand daughter), Willa, Louise and Tanya. Love these girls :) .....

After set up.  We had 2 booths again.

Willa brought her hooking along, and Linda did most of it. Almost had it all filled in by the time the day was over.  Here is Beth pulling some loops.

Janice who took the picture of all of us together was helping her husband Joe with his stand.  He makes some beautiful things.

And Becky does the pottery.  Love her work!

The day went very well. All of us did a lot better than the last show. The weather helped. The sun came out and it got very hot. The streets were packed at different times.  It was slower than last year, but still a good turn out. 

Gotta love Louise and her suitcase.  I asked her if she was running away from home :).....

I seemed to have missed a few people that had stopped by the booth to say hello. Sorry again Mary! I hope you enjoyed the great atmosphere of Colonial days and will think about coming out again..  Some people couldn't make it because of the weather and the area they were in.  Mitzi, I hope to see you next year!  And thank you to all our friends who stopped by to say hello and shop! Joanne traveled out to see us and stayed to go to lunch with Beth and I.  Was good to see her too since it's been a while. 

Sunday was definitely a day of REST for me.  I woke up, stayed in my jammies all day and played games on the internet.  My husband walked by a couple times and said "you really aren't going to do anything today, are you?"....   I said nope, and kept on playing.   It was a wonderful day to just do Nothing!  Now I will be back into the swing of things this week.  The weight has been lifted and I can think clearer now.  The Black Sheep Rug Hookers were asked to do the Little Log House in East Berlin again this year, so we will be doing that.  It will be November 25, 26, and 27th.  We don't have to be there, just our pieces.  The women who run it, displays our items along with other people they have asked to participate. It's really very sweet the way they have it set up inside. Looking forward to going out and checking out the other vendors who are in it.  Then we have to decide if we will be doing one more show or not. I guess there will be more discussion on that one. I forget when and where it is.

Of course I couldn't leave the show without doing a little shopping of my own.  Two little pieces that came home with me, the santa and the bird.

I ordered 4 mugs from Becky a while back. She left them at home, so she said I could just pick something I liked from her shelves to make sure I got what I liked.  Love these stoneware mugs!  I also bought a piece of redware that was a spoon rest with a goat on it, but forgot to take a picture.

And then Tanya and I swapped some of our pieces.  She makes the sweetest pillows :)!

No rain today, and I am thankful.  Hoping everyone who was affected by the rain is drying out and getting their lives back in order.  What a mess. Hope we don't have that again for a long long time!

Smile this week... It feels good :)


Julia said...

Kathy, what a wonderful time you must have had with your good lady friends. I'm glad that the rain stopped in time for the show. I love the beautiful things that were on display and that pottery is fabulous too. Thanks for sharing pictures with us.

Shows are a lot of work and preparations and anticipations and can wear you out. Playing games all day on the computer is fine by me after such a tiring weekend. JB

Sylvia said...

I am so jealous that I can't go to a show like this. I would love to buy some of the redware pottery especially. The booths are just fabulous!

weaverpat said...

That is always such a nice show. Glad you had a good day, not too hot and NO RAIN!
After all that setting up and taking down, a day of rest is necessary.

moosecraft said...

What a great show! Everyone looks so cute in their colonial clothes! Love those little pillows!

Doris said...

Kathy, Looks like a busy time. I love the looks of the booths and wish I could have been there.

Becky's redware and mugs look awesome. Love the mugs that you got. Can I borrow them????

Penny said...

Wish I could have been there! Looks like fun, with lots of wonderful things to buy....
Love the pic of you girls in your colonial garb -- you all look so cute! Glad the weather cooperated for you.... have a good week.

DJ's Farmette said...

Kathy, I really need to come to that show next year! Also, you will have to give us the details on the little log house! Does Becky have a website?

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Great post! Your booth looked wonderful and I'm glad the day turned out well!
Love your new treasures!
Pug hugs :)

findusfaithful said...

So sorry that I missed you too, Kathy. The pictures on your blog are wonderful and we really enjoyed the show. It was worth the trip and we had a great time!!

TeresaM said...

WOW Kathy!!!! Looks like a wonderful show! I will be there next year so please remind me when the time comes! We won't have weekend football games to travel to because my son graduates in the Spring so I will have more time to make these Fall shows! Hope you did well!!!