Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where is the time going?

It has been one whirlwind of a week for me since the last time I posted.  To start off, our Daughter Nicole was chosen to participate in the County Band. That in itself is an honor. She was debating whether or not to do it.  I just told her "it's your Senior year... make the best of it!"  There were only 4 that went from her school.  Well, George and I have been to many of the band concerts throughout the years with both of our children and I have to say that this one was the icing on the cake. To have that much talent from all different schools playing together was such a treat! The conductor was from a University in West Virginia and did a marvelous job. Even George commented on him because George used to play instruments too (that's where the kids get their talent lol). But he said watching him was a pleasure, because you could really follow him as a musician. You knew just what he wanted from you.  The music they played were the perfect choices and so wonderfully played. These children from all the different schools had 3 days to practice together, that was it! It was one concert I wish would have lasted longer... I could have listened to them all afternoon. In the end, Nicole was very glad she participated.  Usually at a concert, the kids get all dressed up.  The picture below is not what she wore lol.  She left early in the morning to meet at the school and go to the High School that it was held at with her band teacher and other students.  What I felt when I saw each student walk onto the stage was the pride for the school they represented. They wore their school band uniform. It looked great!  Here is Nicole "after" it was all over. She changed before I could snap a picture of her.
Not the best shot, but it was wonderful !

This past Thursday was Lake's 25th Birthday.  George and I couldn't make it out to dinner with her family on Thursday, so we invited them the day before and took and them out to dinner.  Nicole got her this storage box. Lake loves black and white and animal print :). The kids stayed pretty late and we had a great time visiting.
On Thursday, Linda had the hook in. I think the snow got to everyone, and we had a wonderful turnout! Joanne and Nettie were helping Linda tie off some "stash builders" to display. I just took the pictures and told them there was more (inside joke) lol.
Don't you just love this old suit case that Linda found?
Joan was talking with Linda about the rug she is doing.
It is spectacular. This is about a 1/3 of it. It's LONG... She started this rug on 12/20.  I truly think that somehow, someway, she has a plug on the end of her elbow and she just plugs that baby in and away she goes! Hook, hook, hook, the woman is a machine.
She had just brought along the one above to share with us, and brought something simple to do.  Some binding on this cute Christmas rug she did. 

Genny is doing another chair pad.
Nancee is filling in this center very quickly! She was going to leave this one home and bring the one she was planning last week, but decided that it was almost finished in the center, so she brought it.  I love the simplicity of it.
Beth finished her bunnies, and was getting ready to whip it.
Jill finished hooking Isaac's rug and just needs to finish it off.  She ran out of the blue wool she died, so was hoping to find something close enough.  Joanne had a wonderful idea of finishing it off with blue and white ticking the way Nancee does her rugs.  So Jill and Nancee were discussing on how that would be done.
Nettie is working on the cutest snowman. I just love the color combination. That green with the blue is so complimenting.  And the rust she chose for the stars and borders is going to pop.
Joanne settled in to WORK.  And when I say work, I mean work. She finished the piece she brought, but I can't share it. It's for a gift. Let me just say, I wish it had my name on it :).
We had 2 new people join in yesterday. They stopped by earlier in the week. Diane on the left and Sue on the right.  Diane has hooked before and pulled out her piece to finish. I could have sworn I got a shot of it, but I guess I didn't.  Sue picked out a beginners kit that Linda sells and was working on that.
Amongst all the work that was going on, all of a sudden it felt like it was the Christmas party all over again.  We had picked our names for this upcoming year for our Secret Pal.  I was amazed at the gifts that were brought yesterday.  Linda however got something from someone and the tag read... "Nacho" Secret Pal.  Someone had dropped off a little gift for her.  And soon after the belly laughing began lol...... 

If you enjoy people, enjoy laughing, enjoy just getting out and having a good time, then Thursdays at Grantstreet is the place to be. This person, knowing what it is like on a Thursday gave Linda this........ You may have to click on it to enlarge it to read.  The odds of finding something like this was just perfect LOL.
So Linda went over to the copper tub that holds the gifts if you choose to bring any, and started to pass them out.  someone made Jill this wonderful knitted hat/scarf....   I'm thinking she did go home with it. I saw many eyes on it. We were all jealous. It was wonderful!  Others got some gifts too, but I didn't get shots of them :(
Joanne and Linda still trying to figure out who could have brought her that gift lol.....
Joanne was so hard at work. She needed more wool cut.
The thanks I get lol.
Then it was down to some serious shopping......  Joanne received a gift certificate from Nettie for Christmas at the shop, and Joanne brought some of her own cash. She WAS serious.......
There is 7 yards here, but we missed one, so she went back to get it.  Oooh, to see a hookers face when she buys this much wool. It's priceless!!!
I too received a package from my Secret Pal.  If this didn't bring on the giggles !!!  At the Christmas party, I had a huge basket from Genny filled with beautiful things.  I kept pulling more and more out of that basket. Linda was teasing about will it ever end.  Well,  this was the same case. There were 2 bags tied together. Inside were these boxes and in the boxes were gifts.... you get the idea.  But WOW, was I blessed with some goodies!!  I can't wait to store my items in these boxes, use the chap stick, wear the pajama's and socks, burn the candles and drink the hot cocoa!!!  The scarf underneath the cocoa is huge and ooooh so warm.  I had forgotten my scarf and gloves the night of the hook in and coming out of there it saved me!!  I was toasty all the way home :)... Thank you so much to my Secret Pal if you read this.  I am in awe :)... The card said it was my Winter Survival Kit to keep me warm.. She was so right and must really know me :)

Joanne's Mom was going through some items and Joanne brought them to see if anybody wanted them.  SINCE I have not put my Christmas decorations yet lol, I brought these home.  Thanks Joanne's Mom :)

And for the record.................  I had said I would not buy any wool till after the first of the year.  I kept to that!!  Rebecca Erb and Heavens to Betsy flyers arrived, Linda purchased for the shop, and I went shopping the day them came lol.    I finally caved....   It will be going upstairs to keep my other wools company lol. 

I took a project to work on, but it was for a gift, so I can't show it.  I haven't decided what my next hooking project will be yet.  During all the cleaning and putting away this weekend that I have to do, I will be contemplating that one!!   Would love to have another start to finish rug to share with you all. 

This was another long post. I need to post more short ones, but the time just gets away from me anymore.  If you've made it this far lol.....  I hope you have a warm, fun filled weekend!!


weaverpat said...

What a nice opportunity for Nicole to participate in the County Band. I can imagine with all those talented kids together, the music was excellent.
Happy Birthday to Lake!
Looks like everyone had a great time at Grant Street. I know I should get back into coming on Thursdays, but I just hate to go out in the cold, even for FUN!
Have a good weekend!!!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

We miss you Pat!! Hope it warms up enough for you to venture out soon!

moosecraft said...

Oooooh the County Band must have been FUN! Band was the one thing I enjoyed most about High School! Love those "emergency" underwear! lol! You gals are so silly! :-) Good going on everyone's hooking projects... and yay for wool buying!!!!

Orange Sink said...

Hi Kathy,
You get the prize for the longest posts! I do enjoy reading them! You should be so very proud of that daughter!
As always the rugs are fabulous...... that snowman one is gorgeous and the colors she chose are wonderful!
I hope you get a new project going..... you wouldn't want all that new wool to get stale! LOL!
Thank-you for the words of encouragement on my upcoming classes. I need all the boosts for my self-confidence that I can get! Coming from the talent of all you professional rug hookers over there in the east is helping me push forward to my goals!
Stay warm and I'll try and send ya some warmer weather one of these days ( April or May) J
Cathy G

Nettie said...

Hi Kathy, what a wonderful blog! I enjoy them so much. Wish I could verbalize the way you do. Congratulations to Nicole participating in the Country Band! I really had a great time at Grant Street on Thursday, my favorite part of the evening was when Joanne realized she was wearing your reading glasses and not hers. I laughed on the way home just thinking about it. Can't wait for the next time we are able to come, hope it is soon will.
Very best to you!

Bobbie said...

Beautiful pictures, Kathy! I always enjoy reading your blog..your daughter is so pretty..she looks just like her mama!! How wonderful that you have such a wonderful rug hooking shop close and what a wonderful bunch of gals to share the day with!

Julia said...

Kathy, I envy you having all those hooking friends and the wonderful time you are having together. That is precious as Friends are angels who follow you through life.

Congratulations to your talented daughter who makes you so proud. She is pretty too

I had a good laugh at the emergency underwear.
My you got lots of beautiful gifts from your secret friend. JB

TeresaM said...

Congratulations to your daughter Kathy!!! What an honor!

Hope to get back real soon to the hook in!

Lisa said...

I always enjoy your posts. They don't even seem long when I am reading them. I can't believe the wonderful gifts. What a survival kit. I love to see the pictures. Hope you are staying warm.

Joanne said...

Long post - no problem - they are always a fun read! Wow you had quite the week! I can't decide if it's you or Nicole that is busier! You make fun of my wool buying but my goodness you are doing a better job at it then I! Too funny with Linda getting her nightie in a knot over you being spoiled! just teasing! Lucky you with your loot! It was a fun day! Hope you have a wonderful week!

natural area rugs said...

Reading your long yet enjoying post is priceless. And as always rugs are fabulous. This is why I never stop my cravings on them. Aside that we can buy rugs without spending big amount this things never failed to make our place looks great.

We can put this wherever we want to and have our own choice of designs and colors.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Congrats to Nicole!
How funny about the emergency undies. You gals always have the most inspiring rugs. Thanks for sharing your hooking days!

Pacquiao Mosley said...

I like country music and hopefully it can be of good option making this a favorite.