Monday, July 26, 2010

Playing catch-up

What a Booming Thursday we had last week!  I think Linda counted 17 that came through the store that day.  Definitely hopping for sure....

Joanne was able to make it out to see us.  She was whipping her rug.

And of course she finished it. She is incredibly fast!  She was saving all her short worms for this rug. Isn't it great?

Cathy finished her rug a while back and brought it in for us to see. Love it!  She has only done a couple pieces.

Everyone so hard at work!!


Just hooking away....

Sherri showing her little bags she is making for some Christmas gifts.  At least someone is thinking ahead!

Linda teaching Jackie, a new hooker how to pull her loops.   Jackie came with Bonnie below. They were so gung ho, and purchased what they needed to get started!

And here's Bonnie

Of course Joanne had to be Joanne :).   She is such a bad influence on Madeleine lol.  Teaching her to put things on her head...

She was making circles for pin cushions, but found another use for them lol!

On Friday, I went to Joan's house for dye group.  Only we didn't do any dyeing that day, instead, we worked on our scrolls.  My goodness, it's been 2 months since the last time I pulled a loop for it. I had to walk around and get a visual to see what I was doing. So quickly I forgot! So I got some done. I'm sure I'll forget again by next month lol.

Every one's pieces..

Joan showed us some of the pieces she has done in between our last visits.  I really think Joan was born with a hook in her hand :)  The next few pictures are hers.

And here's Ritchie. He is such a wonderful dog.  Joan fills up that black toy with peanut butter. He was happy :)

I received 2 packages in the mail today. The first one was a scrubber from Ginger. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of that. She sent a really cute flyer with it, asking if we had any bugs to clean off our windshield. Or we could use it for other uses.  It was so sweet of her to send it.... Thank you Ginger! 

Then this RAK was from Lori. She sent a really sweet card saying she was thinking of me, and hoping George and I are doing ok.  It certainly put a smile on my face. Thank you again Lori! Such beautiful work.

I have been extremely busy over my mil's.  I need a pair of blinders that the horses wear.  I started last Friday evening when I came home from Joan's dye group. Had a quick bite to eat and thought I'd spend a few hours over there in the garage.  George and the owner of the development are going to work on the garage. There was a leak and the ceiling needs to be fixed.  So I went in to clear it out. Oh my.  There were 3 grey metal shelving units. I thought I'd have it done in no time. What in the world was I thinking?  My mil was a beautiful painter. Some of her paintings I will share with you in another posting.  Haven't gotten that far as taking pic's of them yet.  Anyway, as much as I am a hoarder of wool, well so was my mil a hoarder of frames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm in awe of them all.  Soooo, quickly cleaning it out was not a reality. And it was soooo humid.  I couldn't believe how much sweat was dripping from me. Just kept drinking water.  I wanted to take my time and go through everything, and I mean everything. And that is what I'm doing.  I'm so glad I am too.  I happened to find in a small box a letter from Ed McMahon.  My mil worked for the Marine Corp Scholarship Foundation.  She met quite a few people/celebrities at the Ball that they would have in NY. She would set the whole thing up for them. Anyway, she met Ed McMahon a few times and spoke with him on numerous occasions. The letter was telling her that he had heard of her plans of retiring, and that he wished her well, etc. It was a very sweet letter. We are going to frame it.  I teased George and said I need to go buy a frame LOL!!!!!!
I worked ALL weekend long, making trips back and forth. If you could only see my house right now. Again, I need blinders.  Eventually it will all find it's place. Right now, it's just a big mess. We will be having a yard sale in a few weeks. My son and his girlfriend will also have some of their stuff.  Hoping to get rid of a bunch of things then, and whatever does not sell, then it's getting donated.  So many decisions need to be made, and I am taking my time with each one. I don't want a few years to go by and then think, darn I should have kept this or that.    So that's what I've been up too.  I did finish whipping my rug and it is now at the Fair.

Will be working next on some items for Colonial Day in September.  That's what I'll be doing this Thursday.
Linda is out this week. She is away in Massachusetts starting her classes for becoming Certified for Rug Hooking.  I am really happy for her and I know she will do just GREAT! Glad she got there safely, and will be praying for safe travels on her way back later this week.
 I'm taking care of the store, so it's still open for business.  Had a really busy day today, which made it fly by!  I'll be just as busy tomorrow I'm sure. Lots of new wools came in :).

Have a wonderful week everyone... Keep those hands busy~~


Jake said...

I am so glad you are taking your time with things. Take a step back when/if you need to. You and George are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

I hope? you're busy this week?? :-) If nothing else, the weather is absolutely beautiful.

moosecraft said...

That Joanne brings smiles wherever she goes!!! Looking forward to seeing some of Harriet's paintings. I bet George looked at you real funny when you said you needed to buy a frame for the letter! LOL! Good to hear things are moving along for you. I know your rug will be a ribbon winner! :-)

Kim said...

Your group of hooking gals look like a great group for fun. I don't envy you the clean-up at your MIL's. I remember try to sort through my grandmothers things a few years ago. She kept everything! But, with patience, you will have a nice walk down memory lane.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
You are making my head spin! You sure have been busy!
I'm sure it is very difficult going through your mil's possessions. I have not yet started on my mom's house. I guess I'm just not ready to deal with it yet.
Have a great week at Grant Street.
I had NO IDEA how large your rug was until I saw a pic on Joanne's blog!!!
Pug hugs :)

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

You gals are sure busy when it comes to hooking on projects. Always such awesome pictures of works in progress or new finishes. Joanne keeps you all smiling for sure.
It's hard going through a loved one's belongings. I remember helping my Mom with my grandma's house...we laughed and we cried remembering so many times spent with her. I'm so glad we have memories!

Joanne said...

Eh gads Kathy you used the cleavage shot! LOLLLLL Oh my - next time I'll wear a turtleneck! Thanks again for the iced coffee and lunch thursday! Hope to get out next week! Yes take your time your MIL's items - it's an overwhelming task and be sure to ask for help! Now really Kathy- JOan is such a slacker - omg - how many BIG rugs does this talented woman hook!