Friday, November 20, 2009

Catching up

Just getting to down load the pic's on my camera. I am behind, I know. But gee, when I do post, you get quite a bit to look at!

Earlier this week, I met up with Beth in East Berlin to have some dinner and then go over and meet with the girls who were hooking. Beth and I didn't take anything with us. We just wanted to get together, since it's been a while. She also gave me my birthday present. Here is Beth relaxing at Willa's after our dinner. She had someone to keep her company on the couch too!

And here is her gift to me! Some really cute punchneedle patterns, a sheep and a really nice brown recycled skirt! Love it all Beth, Thank you!! Here are some shots of the girls in EB.

Here is the rug that Katie is working on now using yarn.

And here is her last rug mounted by Joe Heine. Hope I spelled his last name right. He is the husband of Janice who wasn't there that night. What a beautiful job he did!

this is Willa's.

Here's Becky's.

And this was Brenda's. She really likes the sculpting. It looks wonderful!

Louise is trying really hard to finish this rug. I am always teasing her about when she is going to finish it. It is sooo close.. Her background is done with some onion skins over some different camel wools. It is just stunning in this rug.
Beth and I had a good time just sitting and chatting while everyone else was working. And speaking of work, I had to get up early the next day to go to work. The week went by quickly too. Before you knew it, it was Thursday and time for the hook-in.

We had a good turn out. The morning was a little slow, but then it picked up. Linda really wanted to get some work done. I think she is determined to "finish" some of her pieces. Here she is hooking on her latest little mitten. And that is Rob standing next to her. He is a friend of Linda's who stops by now and then.
This is another Linda who was doing the latch hook that I showed in another post. She wants to try and finish it by Christmas.
Genny and Kathy came by too, and Genny finished her birdhouse rug. I'm so happy for her. She did a great job. Here is kathy working on her rug.
Linda's shop has taken on a different look inside too. She has moved around a few things and it is looking so much bigger! It's really looking nice. She's displaying some of the antiques in her shop as well.

Later on in the day, some of the girls from East Berlin came! It was so nice to have them there.
Willa is doing a beautiful rug with Imari colors

And Louise, oh Louise, she pointed out to me that she had 7 tongues left to do!!! By the end of the night, she was just about done!!! Go Louise, Go Go Louise!!!
I could have sworn that I got a shot of Tonya's rug, but I couldn't find it on my camera :(. Sorry Tonya. Will get it next time you come out!
Sherry stopped by too and was working on her cat rug. She stayed till the end when her and Linda and I left for the night. It was a fun time. Lots of laughs as usual. Yep, and Linda is done hooking her snowman mitten and she is whipping it.....

Annnnddddd...... it's completed! Woo Hoo Linda!

Today was another run around busy day. Lots of catching up to do around the house and doing errands. Nothing crafty done today.
Tomorrow I will be meeting up with Beth and Joanne at the York Folk Art Show. Linda is going to drive along with me. Going to stop off at my friend Joan's church bazaar first. It's always a nice variety of items to shop around for. The day should be lots of fun.
Sunday I have church and then I'm hoping to get back to some cleaning and working on my Christmas gifts. I did actually get some work done last night at Grantstreet. But can't show ya's!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. The weather doesn't look too bad on this end. Hope it's the same where you are.


corinna said...

happy belated bday to you
what a talented bunch in pa.
thanks for sharing
have a great wknd

WoolenSails said...

Looks like a fun day and lots of wonderful rugs.


weaverpat said...

Hey, Kathy! Looks like all of you are just hooking away! I haven't had time to do anything on my rug for several weeks. Boo-hoo!
Have a great Thanksgiving if I don't see you before!

moosecraft said...

Hey! What a wonderful week you had! All those rugs look so beautiful! That bittersweet tree with the lights at Linda's shop keep taunting me! LOL! I love it! Where does Sherry keep finding all those great shirts? Have fun at the York show today! Do some shopping for me too! ;-) ~Sharon

Doris said...

Hi Kathy - sounds as tho you are busy as usual. I wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving and I hope to see you soon.