Friday, November 13, 2009

And the winner is~~~~

I want to thank each of you for writing what you are thankful on my blog. I truly enjoyed reading them all. Some from people I know, and some from lurkers who haven't posted before. That was really nice.
I took the amount of responses and them into a number generator, and it picked a number for me. And the Winner is............ Corinna . Congratulations Corinna! You have a lovely blog. I've visited your blog often. Beautiful stitching. I will leave a comment on your blog for you to contact me with your address if you don't see this.
I hope to do another giveaway again. It was fun, and thanks to everyone, really.

Grantstreet had their hook-in yesterday, and it was a quiet day. Not too many people showed up. People came at different times. But it was a really nice relaxing time. I helped Linda during the week with rearranging some things again. It's really looking bigger! I did manage to get some cross stitching done. Didn't take any pictures at all!! I must have been really relaxed lol.
Today was a run around day. Glad to be home and in for the night. Will try and clean up a bit, so I'm not bombarded with too much tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, my husband and I will be celebrating our 22nd Anniversary. I made reservations for tomorrow night for dinner at a restaurant we haven't been too before. I've heard some good things about it. Just getting out and me not cooking is more than I can ask for lol.
Tomorrow is also the retreat for AAPG. It is to try and finish up any ufo's we have lying around. I have a few, so we'll see what I can get too.
Sure hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend. Use your hands to be creative. No matter what you do....


Deb K said...

Happy Anniversary~I hope you have a wonderful dinner!!

primitivebettys said...

Congrats Corrina!

Happy Anniversary to you too! Celebrate the day with lots of LOVE! :)

Joanne said...


Joanne said...

Owwwww - that hurt - anyway - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND GEORGE! Have a wonderful day.

Congrats to Corinna - what fun!

WoolenSails said...

Happy Anniversary, I hope you both have a wonderful night out.


corinna said...

before i lay me down to sleep
i am saying thank you
with a smile on my face and a happy spirit

happy anniversary,,,,,celebrate!

Beth said...

corrina is a luck girl!! this coming thursday jill and I are going to the garden club meeting... hope to be back soon.. I do enjoy my time at grant street!! Happy anniversary... have fun and let me know if the restaraunt was good.. and by the way do you know if capital theatre is doing the play the christmas carol this year??

moosecraft said...

Sending wishes that You and George have a wonderful Anniversary Celebration!!! Hugs to you both! ~Sharon

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!!