Friday, September 25, 2015

Thursday Hooking

Fun day with the girls at Grant Street Woolworks yesterday.  Got there a little later than usual, and Linda had some shoppers that were there and gone already. Everyone was busy working on something.

Amy, Marilyn, and Diana were all huddled together.  Marilyn was trying to help Diana with her crocheting. She was trying to find a mistake in it. Took quite a while, but Marilyn found it.  Meanwhile, Diana hooked on her fox.

A new person to the group is Alice below. She is starting on a star.  Making great progress!

Teresa has been making these sunflowers for a show she was doing that happened to be today. I'm sure she sold out :)

And Nancee has been working on a Maggie Bonanomi design.

I forgot to take a picture of the punch needle I am working on. Will be selling some things at the Log House this Christmas. So far, so good :).

Linda has been starting up the hook ins again on a weekly basis. I'm sure she will send out an email if something comes up and she can't hold it.  During the Summer everyone is busy, and the hook ins were slow.  Glad that things are picking up again!  So if you aren't busy on a Thursday, stop on by!

I did get my Fall decorations out on Wednesday. I don't put a ton out like I do at Christmas time, and I'm thinking I'll even cut back some at Christmas this year. Less to put away after it's all over :). Looking forward to some punching  time after I get my chores done tomorrow!  

Hope you all have a Creative weekend!!.  


moosecraft said...

Ahhhhh.... wool!!!! :-) I hope to get some fall decorations out tomorrow.... and maybe some wool too! ;-)

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