Saturday, March 26, 2011

My feet hurt ~~~

What a wild last few days.   Thursday I had to get some blood work done in the morning.  Went straight to the hook-in after that and made myself some breakfast since I had to fast for  it.  Linda, Barb and Brian were busy working away.  I cleaned up my mess and before you knew it the first person arrived to hook.  Nancy needed help with color planning a new rug she will be working on after she finishes her pumpkin, so I took time to help her out.  The people just kept coming and coming... It was wonderful! 

Of course the celebrating had to continue for Linda's Birthday :).  Joan dyed her a beautiful piece of wool.
Joan finished her commissioned piece. Just look at this monster!  She was telling us how many hours  and how much wool it took.  I'm sure the new owner is going to be very pleased!
Delores came with Ellie, Joanne and Becky. It was show and tell...

Becky's rabbit. Love it!
Joanne's piece..

Diane very busy working on her rug.

Nancy P and her two foot stool covers from left to right and the farthest on the right is a small purse she is making.
Genny checking out her sister Bert's penny rug and she also brought her hooked piece to work on.

Bonnie working on an Easter egg mat.

Jackie learning to bind with the wool strips.

Nancee's dog rug. Sweet!

Sherry is ripping out to try something different.

Twin sisters Bert on left and Mabel on right.  Mabel made this quilt. 

There was even more Birthday celebrating going on. We had so many cakes that day! Barb made another one for Jackie. Her daughter dropped one off in the morning too for her. Can't say that anyone went home hungry :)

Birthday cards that got people laughing soo hard!

Sheep made out of cauliflower and black olives lol.  Too cute!

Group shots of everyone working.... Even Norton in the background LOL.  He's working on a pair of pants.

Some help in picking out colors

Sooo needless to say, I was busy the whole day. I really did not sit down much. By the end of the night I was pooped, and my feet really did hurt!  I teased Linda and said I guess I'll put my hooking away lol.  I think I pulled 10 loops the entire day.   It sure seemed like everyone had a great time. I know I did!!

On Friday I had dye group over Joan's house.  We were busy from the time we got there until it was over. And I had to leave around 2:40 or so. I had an appointment to get new tires put on the car.  I felt bad leaving, because everyone else was still working hard.  We will be starting a new group project, and we are dyeing wool for it.

It was also show and tell over Joan's.  Jewel finished her scroll piece. Just lovely. The background is a very dark plum.

Louise also finished hooking hers. Her background is a very nice soft black.  Mine? you'll probably never see it. Joan and I keep saying we lost ours :).  Not one I really want to finish!! It's not me. 

Jewel also is doing the letter of her last name. 

While waiting to get the tires on my car, I got a text from my friend Rachel. She was wanting to know if we were going out to dinner. Donna was coming too.  Sooo, I made it home from the tires, made George his dinner and then they were knocking on the door.  We walked to Pizza Hut from my house. It was quite chilly out, but was nice that we walked!  We had a great time.  I made sure I was in bed by 10:30 last night.  Because today I picked up Linda, and we went to an Antique store that was having some sales.  We spent quite a bit of time there. It was fun looking at everything. Even ran into our friend Beth and her Mom. I bought a couple things like a tin watering can, a crock and some oil cans for some make do's.  From there we went to grab a bite to eat.  I promised her a Birthday lunch :)  Her salad was soo colorful. The young waitress took time to really make it look special.

Of course you can't get out of there without having a piece of Birthday cake!  Linda shared it with me.

And now I'm home, trying to get some cleaning done. I was teasing Linda all day. I don't want to go home, because then I have to clean lol.  But I guess someone has to do it.  It has been a non stop few days, but very enjoyable!  I think tomorrow after church it will be my rest time.  Before you know it, Monday morning will be here.

Well, back to cleaning!  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend ~~~


Julia said...

Hi Kathy, you have been such a busy girl. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time at the hook-in.

So many nice rugs being worked on.
I love your large room, it looks so inviting and your Easter decorations are so springy.

I hope that you get some rest after church tomorrow. Have a great week. JB

SUE said...

Oh, I wish I could come visit and hook with you all! Everyone looks like they have so much fun. It is great that you document so well, Kathy! Thanks for sharing. SUE

ShabbySheep said...

I could look at pictures of others rugs for hours! Thanks so much for sharing your pics with us! What a great and talented group you guys are!

Lisa said...

Hi Kathy, thanks for another wonderful post. I always get so excited to see what happened at the hook in. Love the bunny rug and the commission rug turned out beautiful. I think I would have trouble letting it go. Did she say how many hours she had in it? I hope you get rested up today. Have fun whatever you choose to do. Lisa

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
What an exciting week! No wonder you're tired!!!
All the rugs look great and what a nice group. Linda is going to have to expand the shop again!
Hope so see you one of these next weeks, now that I can come out of the house again, I think....

moosecraft said...

A very busy few days indeed! Love that runner!!! I bet it took years to complete! ;-) The blue wool Linda received is gorgeous too.... and that salad was so pretty! Keeping my fingers crossed that the bloodwork is all normal! Have a great time having some relax time today, peep sista! ;-)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Thanks for the rug show. I absolutely love seeing what others are hooking! That commissioned rug of Joan's is unbelievable. It would take me years...and years...and years! I, too am curious how long it took and how much wool. What cut did she use?
Looks like you had a whirlwind few days. Hope you got some rest today. The cleaning can always wait!
Hugs :)

TamboinMO said...

Saw that piece of wool and said "holy smoke!", actually I think that would be a good name for it! Looks like a fabulous day!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Your hooking group is working on some great looking rugs ~ love them all! And the big commission rug ~ oh, my gosh!! I hope she got paid lots o' money for that one ~ it's very beautiful! Oh, and the hand-dyed gift wool is gorgeous!!

Joanne said...

Tootsies feeling better today I hope? Thanks for the pics - again it was ALMOST like being there! I feel like i haven't been out in forever and I missed cake! Oh no! So who made the little veggie sheep - that was a cute idea. Joan's rug is gorgeous - I can't believe she finished it that fast along with doing others! So what were you working on?

LenZie said...

Love your blog and all those rugs creations are so wonderful. Keep them flowing. Lenzie

Nettie said...

Hi Kathy ~ thanks for sharing . Joan's rug definitely has the wow factor... I am sure the lady that commissioned it will be so tickled with it... Thanks for the pictures of the hook in ....

Miss you